Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday!  I am planning on running to the store to buy all the things I need to make the following birthday menu:


We are excited that today it our daddy's and my sweetheart's Happy Day (Analeigh, our 2 yr old calls it that. )  I hope you have a wonderful Happy Day-you are the other half of my heart-I am so blessed that 16 years ago that God brought you into my life and 15 years ago He made me your wife.
Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy and super husband.  We are truly blessed.  I pray that today is filled with extra special blessings just for you!
Love you with all my heart Michael Jones!

PS.  On another note-Brandon is healing slowly-this week seems like about 6 weeks-but Praise God he is healing and the last few days he has been walking on his crutches more and not really need pain meds but at bed time.  YEAH!  God is so good-thanks again for all your prayers.  Love you all-thank you for lifting my family up in prayer when we really needed it-I had a (not like me at all) super natural (for a lack of a better word) calmness the whole time he was in surgery for 5 hours-I knew it was because we were being prayed for by so many people.  That was a wonderful feeling to have!

I am off to get ready to run to the store for a day full of baking.
Have a Happy Day(even if it isn't your birthday!)


Rebecca said...

Have fun celebrating the birthday!! Whoot!!

Janette Wright said...

So glad to hear about Brandon, I came to see if you had an update, I have been praying for him! Blessings to you all during this season of seeing God's faithful hand. Enjoy the birthday, we have three April births in this house, so April is a celebration month.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. It was also my husbands bithday too. It looks like you were planning a lot of baking. I headed to the bakery and got my hubby some German Chocolate cake and some Peach pie. It is his favorite. Tonight we will celebrate with friends with Dinner out.

I am glad to hear that Brandon is doing well. He is in my prayers.

My New york family is currently in Carthage but in a few weeks they will head to Georgia. My son in law is in the Army. I am so blessed.

Blessings to you and your family
Janet Cowan

Carissa said...

I am just getting around to visiting all the people that visited me during UBP! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Birthday to your hubby and glad to hear Brandon is doing better!

cooperkelly4 said...

hope your hubby had a wonderful dinner. Sure looked yummy and I am sure his birthday time with family was great. Glad to hear Brandon is healing.
By the way, that pie looks amazing...are you sharing the recipe? =0) Thanks, Kelly

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Have a great day. Your family is beautiful:) Thanks for the nice comment on my blog....