Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waiting to go home

We didn't sleep much last night-every few hours they were in to check on Brandon and give him pain medicine.  He is doing ok this morning-sad and missing his family and wanting to go home.  We are waiting for PT to come by and see where we are at on moving about and showing how to use his crutches for a few days till the pain is less.   He is supposed to be able to walk on it now but he is so little and they had to pull back the muscle on his leg to get to the hip so I think that and the spot on the bone where they removed the cysts and put in the bone graph material and plate and screw are just really hurting his tiny body today still.   It makes my heart sad to see him cry when they try and make him stand and move-he has never had to experience  pain like this before.
 As a mama I wish I could take it all away.  But over all he is doing so well and I am singing praises to my Heavenly Father for once again even though I don't deserve it-loving me and my sweet Brandon so much that He has protected us through this whole proess.  Our whole family felt covered in prayer yesterday-it was a long 5 hours in the waiting room-trusting the Dr. and nurses to know what they were doing in there on my child-but I knew that God was in that very room guiding their every step and that all of you were praying for them and Brandon that whole time.  
God is so faithful to me-I think this whole experience has taught me something I have known since I was 15 but have always maybe not trusted 100%.   God is in control of EVERY area of my life even the times that seem not so happy or what I would choose-I have to trust that He wants and means only for the good to come from any situation in my life and that I need to believe no matter what the circumstances may be if I only trust Him he will lead me through it and in the end I will be able to say "Thank You Lord-to God be the Glory."  I have always know this and believed it-I just think maybe these last two weeks I have had to put my actions to those beliefs and that God truly have it all.   I felt such a great peace in letting Him have all this and be the one leading and directing us and not ME being the one to try and fix it all.
Thank you again for your prayers-I am so blessed to be a par of a larger family-the family of God where we truly can love and care about people we have never even met because we have a common thread that bonds us together-our Lord and Savior.   I love and thank each of you and I am praying for God to bless each of you in a special way.
We have a long journey home today-please pray we make it ok with as little pain as possible for Brandon.   Pray he would be able to start standing and moving more each day with less pain.  He has been a trooper.  I am so proud of my six year old pumpkin-I think this whole experience has changed his little heart - thanks again.
Love and appreciation-Jill


Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh Jill. I'm so glad you (and Brandon) have that surgery over with and can begin on the road to recovery. I will continue to pray for Brandon. Bless his little 6 year old heart.

Thinking of and praying for you.

Grace Wheeler said...

Still praying for Brandon AND you! Your journey so far has been incredible to watch! I'm sure it helps you as a momma, to have such a brave and upbeat son! And to think he's just 6...he's gonna grow to be quite an awesome young man!