Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sadness and Sunsets

Just wanted to share the beautiful sunset we had tonight in West Texas.  This is one thing I love about living here-what we lack in landscaping beauty (like mountains and trees) we make up for in the huge sky that you see everywhere and the sunrises and sunsets we get can take your breath away.

I also had one of those days where I just was a little bummed-my sister has been going through major health issues for the past year and now found out part of the job she has at the school in NY where she teaches (that is federally funded)-is not getting funding in the Fall and so her hours will be cut and so will her insurance and she is awaiting yet another two surgeries that won't and can't happen without it.  So if you think of her-her name is Jackie please pray that God would open doors for her-she needs to have a full time job and insurance-these are not surgeries or choice-she has to have them to live. My dad has been dealing with a type of bladder cancer for a year and a half now and is doing well but between these two things, along with my 96 year old grandma (in three weeks) and her health, my mom is worn out and stressed a little dealing with it all.

God is good and ever so faithful and I believe that and cling to His every promise.  Jeremiah 29:11-13 is my life long verse (since I became a Christian at the age of 15.)  My sister had an aneurysm rupture a year ago May 28th and she should not be here-every Dr. that has seen her has said so-but we know who still had plans for her here and that He is in control of it all.  What a witness she has gotten to be to so many people over this past year.  I know He is not finished with her yet-I just sometimes get very sad for her and all she has had to endure with her health since she was very little-I say she is a female Job.  I love her so deeply-wish I could talk her into moving her near us-she is the older sister (I am the baby) but this last year the roles have been somewhat reversed, so that I could help take care of her.
All that to say-there are days when I am 1900 miles from what I call home (since 18 I have lived in FL, PA, CA, NY, AR now TX, but I lived the first 18 years in NY, so I still call that home) that I really miss home and my family there-that I feel very far away and helpless in being able to help them.
So there was such a peace when I walked outside tonight and saw this beautiful masterpiece God had painted in the sky-what a mighty and awesome God I serve. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did seeing it for real.

On a side note that has nothing to do with all of the above info-I was out shopping a little bit today, killing a little time with Analeigh.  We had come from work (I work part time at the church and she goes with me) on our way to pick up the kids from school but it wasn't time yet-so we stopped at a place called "Junk Warehouse"-I love to shop for beads there-I found some I just loved and came home and put Analeigh down for her nap and this is what I made-
Love it- now all I have to do is find something to wear to work and church tomorrow so I can wear it!

Thanks for your prayers for my family and my little sad heart tonight.


Michelle Riggs said...

I pray that your sister can get the help she needs. Thanks you for praying for my daughter abby

Grace Wheeler said...

Just wanted you to know I prayed for Jackie as soon as I read this...and wanted you to agree with you that those pictures of the sunset ARE beautiful!!!