Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank You Kelly-My first award


I was so excited and very surprised to receive this award from Kelly at:
I just love her blog and was honored that she liked mine enough to nominate me for an award.  I am not sure if I am allowed to tag back and so I won't but if you haven't visited Kelly's blog you must go read it-she is so kind and sweet and posts really great posts on loving your hubby and yummy recipes and great homeschooling tips too.  I would like to one day meet her in "real life" too but for now-I am blessed to call her my blog world friend.

The rules for "The Versatile Blogger Award" are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4.Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the reward. things about me that you may or may not know are:

1. I have traveled to every state in the USA and I have also traveled to Europe-the Bahamas and Canada.

2. I sang with the Continental Singers in 1991 and would have loved to have done that professionally but it never happened.

3. I am addicted to chocolate-could live on only it and nothing else if I could and wish I wasn't.

4. I have been known to sing or whistle to every song playing in whatever store I am in and not even realize I am doing it till one of my children stops me. lol

5.  I love to buy things for other people but have a hard time waiting to give them to them so I have a really hard time as Christmas or birthdays and just about any time I buy things early and have to save them.

6.  I have a degree in Travel but have never used it-instead I worked in a bank and in retail 3 yrs in NY-I was a live in Nanny for 2 1/2 yrs in PA-and managed a Bridal Store in CA for two yrs, and an assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences at OBU in AR for 4 yrs and now a Children's Choir Coordinator in TX for 4 yrs!

7.  I had to ask my husband about something else to put-he said "You're handy with tools!"
Cracked me up because I was going to put the other end of the spectrum which was I am addicted to shoes-I love shoes and have tons of pairs of them.  But the tool thing is true too-I was my daddy's helper growing up and he was very handy and so I learned a lot from him and I try to fix things before I call out to get them fixed-sorry honey-(but he will admit this too)  he is soooo artistic but when it comes to fixing anything-not!

So there you have it, seven things you didn't know about me and possibly could care less that you know now. just kidding. Here are some blogs I would like to pass this award on to:

1. Margie over at Dustbunniesanddivas.  She has been my friend for many years (when we both lived in AR-she was actually one of my husband's art students) but she is like a sister to me (and even thought she hasn't blogged in awhile) she has a wonderful blog with an awesome sense of humor-and who knows maybe this will make her blog more again! 

2.Janette over at Janettessage. She is inspiring and real.  Her blog makes me both laugh and cry-I have had the privileged of getting to know her through e-mail as well and she is just as sweet there too.

3. Bridget over at Road Schooling Ryans. She is so funny and sweet and shares her life openly about being a mom and homeschooling (while traveling around in an RV)  with her hubby and 5 beautiful kids.

4. Alexis over at Where He Leads Me. I just love reading her blog-she is open and honest and is a mommy to one sweet miracle baby (just found out miracle #2) is on the way and you will be blessed by her blog.

5. Barbie over at My freshly brewed life.  She has such a great way with words and has great posts/mini devotionals that will uplift you and inspire you.  I have gotten to know her better through FB and e-mails as well and she is just blessing to know.  

6. Bethany over at Confessions of a chosen one.  She is a young mommy to two beautiful babies-one of which was born early and had some medical issues at first.  She is candid and sweet and just has a great blog I love to follow.

7. Lynnette over at Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground.  She has millions of followers and so most of you are probably already following but if not, you must.  She has been through so much and yet has come out refined by the fire-her blog is uplifting, funny, inspiring and much more.  She is a really neat person-she was also so kind (when I barely knew her-still only through the blog world) to ask for prayer for my sweet Brandon and our family on her blog- that meant so much to me.  She is a blessing as well.

There are lots more blogs that I could recommend....but since I have been on here an hour doing this post I must close for now.
Thanks so much Kelly for the bloggy award.   This was such a surprise and so much fun.
Thanks to my tiny group of followers-I have really enjoyed getting to know you all this way.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our car got broken into.

Well, our van was broken into last night. Our TV/DVD player was stolen along with my phone car charger and the TV charger--everything else was (insurance card and receipts and everything else we carry in the car was all over the drive way.) Second time in 4 years since we lived here this has happened. Doesn't make you feel too safe.

The police did get a lot of finger prints that they don't think are ours-Mike's car got broken into last year but all they got was his cell phone-last time he left that in the car. One thing we were most sad about with the TV was we had just gotten the DVD certificate that I won from Barbie's blog and we had been watching that DVD in the car the last few days- it was in the TV so they got that too. 

The sad thing is we live in a safe, quiet neighbor hood-but we live in a nice neighborhood and so I think they think they will get a lot when they break in to houses and cars. They left the car seats-sunglasses-even change in the ashtray-so they knew what they wanted and got it. Even if they get caught we probably won't get our stuff back.  

Lesson to shelf-keep really good records-like #'s and things off of what ever you own of value. Makes me sad because when I was growing up we never locked or car door-sometimes not even the house door-not anymore! 

We found too that our insurance won't cover it because it won't come up to our deductible and so nothing will be covered that is kind of a bummer. 

So I hope from the fingerprints they got that maybe they will at least catch them at some point so they don't do it to someone else. Maybe they will watch the Veggie Tale video and get saved!!! lol

Kind of a icky way to start our day but I am just thankful that it wasn't our house and none of us were hurt. Just makes my privacy feel invaded-I am praying they will feel convicted and maybe turn their lives around.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Janette's Blog and Pillow Story-worth checking out! New Edited Version

This is from Janette's Blog-A blog I love to follow because she is so real, so truthful, and so wanting to do the will of our Heavenly Father.  
It is a great blog and know you will enjoy reading it.  
She makes these pillows that come from a desire of her heart-I 
loved them and wanted to share her story with you.
I posted this earlier and half of it was missing-I don't know 
why-so I am going to try it again. (Thanks Kelly!)

Vision and Story

 My family has been through some life-altering trials these past few years.  
These trials have brought loss of dreams, loss of pregnancy, loss of 
innocence and loss of finances, which led to the loss of our home, and 
loss of employment.
Through all these trials, I have had to look to a source for my strength 
and find beauty in the ashes that are laid at my feet.  As we were losing 
our home, there was another job loss, and this time, I felt I would go under.  
I knew that there was hope, even though I was fighting to find it, so the 
Encouragement Pocket Pillow was envisioned.  

Encouragement, because we all need it through our trials. 

Pocket to hold the words of encouragement, which can come from many
 sources. Most of mine came from the Bible, and I held onto them tightly.  
The pocket would hold the words of encouragement until the season had 
passed or they had become rooted in your heart. It would also serve as a 
place to story poems, card, and other items that had encouraged us in the 

Pillow, which is a symbol of rest, is something that usually escapes us 
during this time.As I envisioned this pillow, I called this season we are 
still in our “sackcloth season“.  In the Bible, sackcloth was symbolic
 for a season of mourning.  The backs of the pillows were to symbolize 
The Front of each pillow is to symbolize the coming out of mourning… 
the beauty of overcoming adversity… the beauty of different fabrics and trims
… the beauty for ashes. 
The scripture/quote is tied to the top of the pillow. It can be kept in the 
pocket of the pillow until the person feels the truth of the words and pulls 
it out to be hung over the front of the pillow to reveal to the words to others. 
Each scripture/quote is connected to the pillow with a string of beads.  
These are just beads that coordinate with the pillow; however, among the 
beads is a pearl..  Through these “sackcloth” periods of our life, the 
story of the pearl’s formation can become an inspiration. 

My heart’s desire is that each pillow would be an encouragement to the 
person to whom it is given.  As they pass through a room and see the pillow,
 they will be encouraged that their trial will indeed bring forth life again. 
Each pillow is custom-made with different fabrics and trim, because no 
two individual trials are the same.  

There is a charm that can be attached to the beads as a  dedication to 
women who have lost children in the womb or after  birth. I have suffered 
three miscarriages, and know the feeling of losing a child before  birth.  
I remember my husband buying me a charm, a child’s baby shoes, and I 
wore it on a necklace to just hold the memory close as I healed… not forget, 
but healed.

A line of celebration pillows will be added to rejoice in the goodness 
of this life.  The backs will hold a large pocket, but will be in coordinating 
fabric for rejoicing.  The beads will hold a saying, charms or verses that 
celebrate our joys!!  am still on this journey and still learning and memorizing 
many words of encouragement. 

Janette Wright - Wife of 29 years to Bill Wright, and a blessed mother 
of six children

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ever feel like you have failed?

Oh boy have I had a day and a half-feels more like 3 days rolled into one and without boring you all to death about the internal struggles I have been dealing with over the last few weeks with my job, home schooling or not, our church, Brandon and his surgery, lots of things, my body, mind, and soul are feeling very overwhelmed lately.

Since we moved to TX in 2006 Alyssa has struggled in school, we had her tested and they found nothing but that she has short term memory issues that cause her to have a wide spectrum in her grades and learning.  It doesn't seem like a big deal and with a little modification (like testing in the library and things like that she has done ok until this year-5th grade has been so hard.)
So that I don't drag this out to be more that you ever cared to know-we had her tested again recently and they really found nothing new-she just has memory issues that affect everything she learns and which make her on a little slower (than most 11 year old girls her age) learn-she is learning on the same curve just not up to their standards.  I cried during the meeting I have cried all afternoon since the meeting and I am crying as I write this.  It is frustrating because no one seems to be able to tell us how to help her except that she needs to be told over and over until she gets something how to do it, she needs lots of one on one time and smaller class room since-all things they can't do at school.  So, we are pulling her out for next year and we will be home schooling her-I am scared to death-what if I mess her worse than she already is-what if I reach a point where I can't teach her-all those sort of questions are running through my head.

I feel like as a mom that I have failed-maybe we should have done this sooner-is there something I could have done different when she was little-did something happen to her at some point that we didn't know (a fall on her head or something?)  All things we don't have answers for and may never have answers for.  All things I want to fix-lots of "what if questions" about her future and what we will do to help her get through school.  I want to fix it-I want to make her by the world's standards "perfect."  I feel terrible as a mom even admitting that because this is who God made her to be-she is "perfect" in His eyes and I love her and she is "perfect" in our eyes too-just not the world's eyes-the world she has to live in and survive in and be a part of.  Please pray for my sweet Alyssa-that we would be able to help her catch up in her schooling-that she would come to know her self worth as a child of God when we are home together next  year and that I would love her and accept whatever God has in store for her precious, kind, gentle heart.

This leads me into we are then knowing that I have to quit my job-6 mouths to feed and cloth and put a house over our heads and my husband teaching a private college and not making a ton of money-quitting my job is scary.  Other things have changed there too though like for the last two years it was ok for me to take Analeigh with me, now they have decided not so much anymore and I will not put her in daycare not only working part time would it be silly because it would take my whole pay check but I don't want someone else raising her so quitting my job had been a discussion for few weeks now and after today it is evident that is what I must do.

There are also some things at our church which are causing us to take a closer look and to pray about going elsewhere-a big step and a big decision for our whole family.

Ok, I am done venting-if you are still reading I am sorry that this has been such a bummer of a post.  My heart is heavy and sometimes it helps me to write it all out and get over it!  I know my God is faithful-He has my whole life showed me His faithfulness and I am so blessed-these last few years as a family we have been through a lot and God has shown His grace, mercy and faithfulness time after time.   My little human heart is just having a hard time laying it all down at His feet and walking away.
Thank you for your prayers.  Once again we need them and I am so thankful to those of you who come alone side us and offer them up on our behalf.

On this pathway-seeking my purpose-

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today My Second Son became my brother!

After taking a family walk tonight  (having a very serious conversation with this cute son of mine about Jesus and God and what it would mean if Jesus came back tonight and people(he was including himself as one of these people hadn't asked Jesus in their heart)-asking me would "We all go to Hell mom?"  And then saying "I don't want to go to Hell-what do I do and I explained the plan of salvation to him and he says so sweetly-but mom I will always be a sinner-I can't be good and even when I try-and me saying "Brandon-that is the whole reason God sent Jesus to die on the cross for us-none of us is good enough no matter how hard we try."  When we got home and he got his pj's on he came and got his dad and I and with tears in those big blue eyes he said I want to pray to ask Jesus in my heart-what a joy!  It is and has been one of the most joyous times with each of mine children as they have asked us to pray with them to receive Jesus as their Savior.  After a hard week and a hard day and making a decision that I think I will be leaving my job and being fearful of what that will mean for our family and our financial situation and stress about that-this made everything of the day that has caused me to be anxious to melt away-it made me stop and say-"Yes, I trust you God" thank you for this blessing that can compare to no other blessing-thank you for the fact 3 of my 4 (and my prayer is in a few years when our sweet Analeigh is old enough too that she too will make this decision) are now not only my sweet blessings, my wonderful children but my brothers and sisters in Christ-that someday we will all spend eternity together in Heaven.  It makes me look at days like today through different lenses-that in the bigger picture nothing that happened today comes close to the joy that the sweet simple prayer of my third blessing God has given me, my sweet Brandon, said tonight that forever changed his life.

My sweet Bran, I love you with all my heart-you are a joy to have as my son.  I am so excited about the decision you made tonight.  I am so proud of you.   I love you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Alyssa had her dress rehearsal for her dance recital last night.  It was long, but so fun.  As her mom I was so proud of her.  She takes Ballet and Hip Hop-(this is a Christian based and run dance studio so not Hip Hop like you would normally think.)   Her Hip Hop teacher is a college student at Abilene Christian University and she prays every week with her class at the end of practice-when Alyssa told me that after about the first month of practices I cried.  I was so impressed with that-most of the families that go there are Christians because that is why they are there-like us they don't have to worry about the costumes or what kind of music they will dance to or the moves they will do because it all glorifies God but it is also less expensive than some other places in town and so that is also a reason people go there and so there are girls in these classes who may also come from families that don't know Christ, don't go to church, don't have the godly mom and dad they need at home to teach them, lead them, pray with them-so it struck my heart and made me so glad that even though Alyssa may not be the best little dancer yet (she took when she was 4 & 5 and then quit till this year at 11 again) but she loves it, has developed good friends there and it is one more place that she is able to learn more about God and His love for her through these teachers and I love that.
I snapped a few photos last night some of them have a different lightening because I haven't learned all the ins and outs on this new SRL digital 35mm Cannon camera I got on my birthday and we were not allowed to take flash photography-but I kind of liked them so I posted them on here for fun too.

I love ballet-I love to watch it and last night the emotion of seeing my pretty little girl dancing-whew-lets just say I need to bring tissue today.  It made me flash forward to a few years from now (watching those older girls dance) if Alyssa is still taking dance at that point how beautiful she will be-it is so graceful and those older girls last night had a little testimony and thank-you read to there parents before they did their solo piece last night and was so moving to here them first thank God and then their families for their up bringing and for being excited about what the future held and what God has in store for them.

Anyways I will quit talking now and show the pictures-I am sure I will have more to post after the real thing today.
Some of the Hip-Hop dance class with their dance teacher (the one I talked about)-she is the one with the long blonde hair in the third picture.
My sweet Alyssa in her Ballet outfit.

That is all for now-we are up getting ready.  I need to run and get the trophies for the choir tomorrow-we have 8 hymns throughout the year in choir and if they memorize them all the first year they get a hymnal with their name on it and then every year after that they win a music trophy.  They weren't finished yesterday when I went to pick them up-not in a panic yet-just have to have them for tomorrow! lol
Then Alyssa and I are off to get ready to the recital today and the rest of the crew will follow behind-it is 2 1/2 hours-not sure if Analeigh will make it through it all-we will see.
Looking forward to a great day even though it is cloudy with a large chance of more rain-I miss the sun-it has poured for 2 days now-my yard needs to be mowed so bad but it is a flood like state out there and so no mowing is happening.  Oh well.
Happy Saturday to you all.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exciting times at the Joneses

This expresses how I am feeling today-tired and a little overwhelmed-we have dance practice tonight-dress rehearsal tomorrow-night-dance recital on Saturday-church Sunday morning-practice for the concert Sunday afternoon-concert Sunday evening!  Lots to do the next 3 days and I am in charge of all the stuff at church so I have to run around tomorrow and pick things up for Hymn prizes and set up for the awards reception and finish doing the programs-lots of stuff in a short amount of time.  I am ready for everything to get started so we can enjoy it and be done fretting over what I still have to do.  So this picture made me laugh cause Analeigh looks like how I am feeling today.

The next big event in the Jones home today was I pulled Brandon's 1st tooth out after school today.  It has been loose for about 4 weeks now and today when he came home it was basically just hanging there-I got a napkin and one little pull and there it was!    He is so happy-only he and one other person in his class hadn't lost a tooth yet.  So he is proud to have finally lost a tooth.   He got his first tooth at about 6 1/2 months and now is loosing his first at about 6 1/2 years.  I can't believe that much time has gone by-I can't believe he is old enough to lose a tooth.  Kind of makes me a little sad.

I took this photo of Analeigh right before she went to bed two nights ago-I just liked it.  She finished her ice cream and we were on our way to the bathroom to wash her little face-I had taken her hair down from a pony tail and I loved how it fell around her face and shoulders-I just thought she looked so sweet.

Hope you are having an exciting day too.  Nothing like having a first visit from the tooth fairy.

On His Pathway

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Freshly Brewed Life-giveaway!

You need to stop over to My Freshly Brewed Life and join up to follow Barbie-she is having this great giveaway-and she has a great blog!
Blog Design Giveaway - Vivid Design Studio!

Blog Design Giveaway - My Freshly Brewed Life
So, here is how to enter this fabulous giveaway.  The mandatory entry is, well mandatory.  Please make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry that you do, and make sure to comment on this post.  
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The winner will be selected using the Random Number Generator.  This giveaway will close at midnight (Pacific time) on Wednesday, May 19th.  The winner will be announced on my blog on Thursday morning, May 20th.

Monday, May 10, 2010


A few weeks ago I did the "Random Dozen" and we were asked about our favorite recipes and I shared that Poppy Seed Chicken and Pumpkin Bread were two of my favorites and then for Mike's birthday last week I shared what I was making and I talked about my Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and was asked to share that as well.   Well, I finally got around to typing them up to share this morning-so here they are.  Hope if you make them you like them as much as we do.

Poppy Seed Chicken

6 chicken breasts (sometimes I use a bag of chicken tenders instead)
1 8oz carton of sour cream
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 roll (crushed) of Ritz crackers-I use the vegetable ones (more flavor)
2 teaspoons of Poppy Seeds
1 1/2 sticks of melted butter

Boil chicken-cut up into small pieces.  Place in a greased 2 qt. Casserole dish.  Mix sour cream and soup together-pour over the chicken.  Mix crushed crackers and poppy seeds sprinkle evenly over the top
of the casserole.   Pour melted butter over the top.  Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour at 350.  Until it starts to brown and is bubbly.

Enjoy!  It is yummy-with six in our house I usually double the recipe so we have a little leftovers too.

Pumpkin Bread

3 cups sugar
1 cup oil
4 eggs, beaten
1 can pumpkin (15-or 16 oz can)
3 1/2 cups sifted flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoons nutmeg
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cloves
3 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
2/3 cups water

Cream sugar and oil.  Adds eggs and pumpkin, mix well. Sift together flour baking soda, salt, baking powder, and all your spices.  Add to pumpkin mixture alternating with water.  Mix well after each addition.  Pour into 2 greased  9X5 bread pans.  Bake at 350 for 1/1/2 hours or until loaves test done in the middle.  Let stand for 10 minutes, remove from pans to cool. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

1 Chocolate cookie pie crust (I buy mine-you can make them though)
 4 large eggs
1 cup butter softened
8 (1 oz) squares of semi-sweet chocolate
2 cups confectioners sugar
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1/3 cup heavy cream

Heat 6 squares of the semi-sweet chocolate, and let cool to room temperature
Beat the eggs with 3/4 c butter , chocolate and confectioners’ sugar for a FULL 5 minutes.  Mix will be thick and smooth.
In a separate bowl, beat the peanut butter, 1/4 cup butter and cream.
Spoon chocolate filling into the crust.  Swirl peanut butter mixture  on top on the chocolate filling.
Melt last two chocolate squares and drizzle on top of the pie.  Chill for a least 1 hour and serve.
Store in the frig.   I found that it was better if it was in the frig longer like all day before you serve it.

Pineapple Cheese Casserole

3 (15 oz) can of pineapple chunks
2 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
8 tablespoons pineapple juice
8 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup white sugar
1 roll crushed Ritz crackers
1/2 cup butter cut in slices

Preheat over to 350
In a large bowl combine mix the first 5 ingredients together- spoon into a 9X13 baking dish.  Top with crushed crackers and butter slices.
Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Drum Roll Please-And the WINNERS are!

First of all this was really hard-I only had 12 people enter so giving 4 things away I only had 8 people left that wouldn't win something and that made me feel bad especially on Mother's Day so I am going to do another giveaway soon (after I finish making the stuff for this one) and if you entered this giveaway and didn't win I will put your name in the next giveaway again (of course you can enter again if you won this time too.)

So, I did it the old fashion way-for each entry you had I wrote your name on a piece of paper and put your name in a basket and my 11 year old daughter Alyssa drew out the names.   I want to let you know that I decided that I would not pick for each prize but that since I have to make it anyways that I would let you choose what you want to win.  
 So I need the following people to e-mail me at:  (tell me what you would like and give me your e-mail and your mailing address so that I can get back in touch with you to decide details like what hymn-colors scheme-what on the necklace or silky and bib or skirt size and colors things like that on whatever you decide you want to win.)

Grace Wheeler

Kelly Cooper

Barbie Swihart

Bridget Ryan

Thanks again to all of you who entered-it was fun and I plan on doing another one soon-for now it will be more hand made things I am sure but if you didn't win your name will go in the next one as well.

I hope that you all had a blessed Mother's Day!

On His Pathway-

Happy Mother's Day

I have had such a wonderful Mother's Day-I actually got to sit through the whole service today(Analeigh is getting better about being quiet during church so we didn't have to make the great escape) I made a roast and potatoes (in the crock pot all night) so when we came home I threw corn muffins and green beans in the oven and we ate a yummy dinner.  My family took me out Friday night because we knew today would be too busy and my little ones don't have much patience after church when they are hungry to wait for two hours somewhere to eat.  Then I got to open my gifts-a gift card to Cato's - flowers-and my Circuit!  Yeah I love it and wanted one for a long time-I was so excited.
What I created with my Circuit-I did photo calendars with a border on my board in my office.

We also tried to take photos-I used the term tried because it is so hard to get everyone in my family to smile at once (as you will see in a few of these I will post for fun) plus no one else uses my camera so when they do they don't focus it well and snap photos without really trying to focus and so I get frustrated-all I wanted for mother's day was a good photo with my kids-oh well.  Maybe someday I will look back at this a laugh-right?!

I am so blessed not only to be a mom of 4 sweet, beautiful, caring kids here but two in Heaven with my precious mother-in-law as well, but I am also blessed to have a wonderful godly mom as well.

Thanks mom for being my mom and for raising me to love Jesus and for loving my babies like a grandma should.

I love you and I am truly blessed and I am so thankful today and every day for you.
I am also so thankful for the fact that God trusted me to be the mama of 4 of His beautiful creations-I am so thankful and there is no greater joy in my life than being your mom.  I love each of you more every day-thank you for allowing me to be your mama and for loving me.

Thank to my sweet hubby for loving me and being my other half-thank you for being the best daddy in the world.

I will announce later who the winners are to the giveaway!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Super Saturday Link Up

You need to hop on over to: for Super Saturday Link Up!
Tons of giveaways with all the blogs listed there to check out-or if you are having a giveaway you can link that up there too.
It's lots of fun!
Happy Saturday!

My First Giveaway Ends on Mother's Day!

Ok, I thought a would re-post my giveaway post so that you all still have a chance to enter and all of your friends your sending my way would too! (smile)  I decided since it was all women who have entered and so far (I think all moms or moms to be) that Mother's Day might be a fun day to choose the winners since I hadn't posted an ending date when I did the first post.  So here is a re-cap of the first post and remember if you post about it and someone joins because of you (like Grace and Bridget who have sent someone) you get two more entries!
Happy Mother's Day to all.

(The First Post) Well, I follow all these great blogs like Lynnette's "Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground" and Lauren's "Living By Faith" and Barbie's "My Freshly Brewed Life" and others that do these great giveaways all the time I though I would try to do something.

Now before you get too excited, I have no great sponsor for this giveaway-only me and well since I don't know anyone who might be interested in giving anything away that you might be interested in receiving I thought I might put some of my own things that I create on here for a giveaway and see if anyone might be interested.  Not that what I make and can giveaway is that special but I can guarantee it is made with love!  Doesn't that count for something. lol

So here goes:

1. The first item is a Hymn art piece: You pick the Hymn and the Colors you might want.

2. The second thing in a Snuggly with a Matching Bib.   Your choice of Name or Initials or Without.

3. Number three is a Necklace made to your choice-they are made out of washers-again they can even be made from a business card or stamped with a design or with your children or grandchildren's name, for a certain holiday, whatever-you name it and I will try and make it.

4. The last thing is a skirt-again the color scheme you would like with or without an initial on it. I just need to know a general size with a waist measurement and length.

Ok, so what do you have to do to enter the giveaway? 
  • 1st entry - leave a comment about which one you would like to win or the order of which you would like to win
  • 2nd entry - become a follower of this blog and let me know! (if you're already a follower leave a 2nd comment telling me so)
  • 3rd entry - Tell someone else to come and follow my blog and make sure they tell me who sent them and you get 2 entries.
  • 4th entry-Post this on your blog or facebook and let me know that you did and I will give you another entry.

  • Ok, we will see how this goes.  Maybe I will get someone out there to log on and feel sorry for my giveaway and offer something else for my next one!
Happy Blogging!