Saturday, May 15, 2010


Alyssa had her dress rehearsal for her dance recital last night.  It was long, but so fun.  As her mom I was so proud of her.  She takes Ballet and Hip Hop-(this is a Christian based and run dance studio so not Hip Hop like you would normally think.)   Her Hip Hop teacher is a college student at Abilene Christian University and she prays every week with her class at the end of practice-when Alyssa told me that after about the first month of practices I cried.  I was so impressed with that-most of the families that go there are Christians because that is why they are there-like us they don't have to worry about the costumes or what kind of music they will dance to or the moves they will do because it all glorifies God but it is also less expensive than some other places in town and so that is also a reason people go there and so there are girls in these classes who may also come from families that don't know Christ, don't go to church, don't have the godly mom and dad they need at home to teach them, lead them, pray with them-so it struck my heart and made me so glad that even though Alyssa may not be the best little dancer yet (she took when she was 4 & 5 and then quit till this year at 11 again) but she loves it, has developed good friends there and it is one more place that she is able to learn more about God and His love for her through these teachers and I love that.
I snapped a few photos last night some of them have a different lightening because I haven't learned all the ins and outs on this new SRL digital 35mm Cannon camera I got on my birthday and we were not allowed to take flash photography-but I kind of liked them so I posted them on here for fun too.

I love ballet-I love to watch it and last night the emotion of seeing my pretty little girl dancing-whew-lets just say I need to bring tissue today.  It made me flash forward to a few years from now (watching those older girls dance) if Alyssa is still taking dance at that point how beautiful she will be-it is so graceful and those older girls last night had a little testimony and thank-you read to there parents before they did their solo piece last night and was so moving to here them first thank God and then their families for their up bringing and for being excited about what the future held and what God has in store for them.

Anyways I will quit talking now and show the pictures-I am sure I will have more to post after the real thing today.
Some of the Hip-Hop dance class with their dance teacher (the one I talked about)-she is the one with the long blonde hair in the third picture.
My sweet Alyssa in her Ballet outfit.

That is all for now-we are up getting ready.  I need to run and get the trophies for the choir tomorrow-we have 8 hymns throughout the year in choir and if they memorize them all the first year they get a hymnal with their name on it and then every year after that they win a music trophy.  They weren't finished yesterday when I went to pick them up-not in a panic yet-just have to have them for tomorrow! lol
Then Alyssa and I are off to get ready to the recital today and the rest of the crew will follow behind-it is 2 1/2 hours-not sure if Analeigh will make it through it all-we will see.
Looking forward to a great day even though it is cloudy with a large chance of more rain-I miss the sun-it has poured for 2 days now-my yard needs to be mowed so bad but it is a flood like state out there and so no mowing is happening.  Oh well.
Happy Saturday to you all.


Janet said...

What a beautiful post. I love that you have a Christian based dance studio.
You have a beautiful family and I love the dance costume.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress! I love the idea of a Christian based dance studio. I wish there had been one when I grew up.

You have such a wonderful family. I look forward to reading more about your life.


Janette@Janette's Sage said... is my passion. I was a dance major in college and lead children's praise and worship dance for years, along with being on the adult worship dance group. Those dancing shoes are put away now, but I still love to worship in dance before the Lord in my own home. your son is doing well,