Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Giveaway!

Well, I follow all these great blogs like Lynnette's "Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground" and Lauren's "Living By Faith" and Barbie's "My Freshly Brewed Life" and others that do these great giveaways all the time I though I would try to do something.

Now before you get too excited, I have no great sponsor for this giveaway-only me and well since I don't know anyone who might be interested in giving anything away that you might be interested in receiving I thought I might put some of my own things that I create on here for a giveaway and see if anyone might be interested.  Not that what I make and can giveaway is that special but I can guarantee it is made with love!  Doesn't that count for something. lol

So here goes:

1. The first item is a Hymn art piece: You pick the Hymn and the Colors you might want.

2. The second thing in a Snuggly with a Matching Bib.   Your choice of Name or Initials or Without.

3. Number three is a Necklace made to your choice-they are made out of washers-again they can even be made from a business card or stamped with a design or with your children or grandchildren's name, for a certain holiday, whatever-you name it and I will try and make it.

4. The last thing is a skirt-again the color scheme you would like with or without an initial on it. I just need to know a general size with a waist measurement and length.

Ok, so what do you have to do to enter the giveaway? 
  • 1st entry - leave a comment about which one you would like to win or the order of which you would like to win
  • 2nd entry - become a follower of this blog and let me know! (if you're already a follower leave a 2nd comment telling me so)
  • 3rd entry - Tell someone else to come and follow my blog and make sure they tell me who sent them and you get 2 entries.
  • 4th entry-Post this on your blog or facebook and let me know that you did and I will give you another entry.

  • Ok, we will see how this goes.  Maybe I will get someone out there to log on and feel sorry for my giveaway and offer something else for my next one!
Happy Blogging!


Grace Wheeler said...

Jill, You've gotta be kidding me! This is a GREAT giveaway! I can't believe how talented you are!!! I WOULD LOVE to win any (and ALL of your giveaways!!!)

The order of what I'd like to win:
1- The Hymn art piece. I seriously LOOOOOVE that idea!!

2-the skirt for my little girl (btw, is that a Wii Balance Board your little girl is standing on?! :) So glad to know another Wii Fit Sister!)

3-The snuggly with matching bib...I have a few preggy friends who this would make a great gift for!

4-the Necklace--I don't really wear jewelry, but this would make a great birthday gift for a friend!

oooohhh I hope I win! Hopefully I'm not shooting myself in the foot for being the first to enter! I'll be back for more entries :)

SOOO exciting!!!!!!

Grace Wheeler said...

I've been a follower ever since we "met" when I hosted my first giveaway!

Grace Wheeler said...

Just blogged about it here:

Grace Wheeler said...

Okay, so now off to tell my friends to join in and mention my name :)

Barbie said...

OMG girlfriend, you are so talented! (Oh before I forget, your certificate you won on my blog got lost in my car. I'll be mailing tomorrow). So yes, I want to win something.

First, I would love a necklace. Not sure what I would put on it yet, but I am sure I could think of something. Secondly, the snugglie and matching bib. I don't have babies, but several of my friends do!

Thank you!

Barbie said...

I am already a happy follower!

Bridget said...

loved what you said on FB today, had to share. Happy to follow! Love this giveaway. How fun! Love them all!!!
I blogged about it and put up a link.

Bridget said...

ok I love the skirt! I think it's my fav with a little F would be perfect hehe! (that way Farrah or Finley could wear it.) sz 3T:) sending more your way:)

Kristin said...

I didn't realize how very talented you are. I'd love to win the hymn piece for myself, or the baby set for my sister-in-law, or the skirt for my daughter, or the necklace for my mother ('cause she's the one who wears cool jewelry). If I don't win, can I just order something from you?

Kristin said...

I'm following your blog!

Terah722 said...

I am visiting from Bridget's site. First of all, I LOVED what you said about our kids. It is a reminder that I plan on hanging in my house for everyone to remember during the "long" days! :) Second, your giveaways are awesome. Personally, homemade gifts are my favorite. I'm not talented in that aspect at all so those are the things that I love to get! It's hard to pick an order but I love the skirt for my daughter (I was thinking Gators colors!), the hymn art would be an amazing gift for my cousin who is getting married next month, the necklace for mom or mom-in-law (or maybe I'll just keep it for myself!), and the snuggly/bib for a pregnant friend! Any would be appreciated and well used!

Terah722 said...

I became a follower and Bridget sent me! :)

JillAileenJones said...

Yes you can order anything you would like if you don't win. I will keep you posted/
Thanks for the kind comments too.
Hope you are all doing well today.
Happy Mother's Day!

mflott said...

I would like to win the skirt for my little girl! She would love that! My second choice would be the snuggly and bib because I have a new baby in the house too! I'm also now a follower of your blog - love it so far! Thanks for the chance to win!

cooperkelly4 said...

I would love to win the skirt for my little girl. =0) love the necklace idea too!

cooperkelly4 said...

I follow! =0)via yahoo. =0)

Aimie said...

Oh the skirt is my favorite!!
Or maybe the necklace...
but the hymn is so pretty...
the baby set would be such a great gift...hummm?
All of the giveaways are incredible!!! I would be happy if I won any of them but the skirt would look so cute on my little Belle!

Thanks for having this giveaway, I love it!!

Stephanie said...

This is an amazing giveaway! I think the order I would choose is 1,3,2,4.

I came over from a link from Grace Wheeler's blog.

Thanks for the chance.

steffanie771 at hotmail dot com

Shonda said...

Oh, wow! These are great! I would first like #3 and then #2.

carlisle clan conversation... said...


carlisle clan conversation... said...

Ohhh, definitely the skirt for my daughter...size 8!

Katherine, Jerrod and Elizabeth said...

I am a follower!!

Katherine, Jerrod and Elizabeth said...

I love the Hymn art. It is beautiful

Grace Wheeler said...

Yeay! Someone came over who I had suggested your giveaway to! That's 2 entries, right? Okay, I'm sending out another e-mail now :)