Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I have had such a wonderful Mother's Day-I actually got to sit through the whole service today(Analeigh is getting better about being quiet during church so we didn't have to make the great escape) I made a roast and potatoes (in the crock pot all night) so when we came home I threw corn muffins and green beans in the oven and we ate a yummy dinner.  My family took me out Friday night because we knew today would be too busy and my little ones don't have much patience after church when they are hungry to wait for two hours somewhere to eat.  Then I got to open my gifts-a gift card to Cato's - flowers-and my Circuit!  Yeah I love it and wanted one for a long time-I was so excited.
What I created with my Circuit-I did photo calendars with a border on my board in my office.

We also tried to take photos-I used the term tried because it is so hard to get everyone in my family to smile at once (as you will see in a few of these I will post for fun) plus no one else uses my camera so when they do they don't focus it well and snap photos without really trying to focus and so I get frustrated-all I wanted for mother's day was a good photo with my kids-oh well.  Maybe someday I will look back at this a laugh-right?!

I am so blessed not only to be a mom of 4 sweet, beautiful, caring kids here but two in Heaven with my precious mother-in-law as well, but I am also blessed to have a wonderful godly mom as well.

Thanks mom for being my mom and for raising me to love Jesus and for loving my babies like a grandma should.

I love you and I am truly blessed and I am so thankful today and every day for you.
I am also so thankful for the fact that God trusted me to be the mama of 4 of His beautiful creations-I am so thankful and there is no greater joy in my life than being your mom.  I love each of you more every day-thank you for allowing me to be your mama and for loving me.

Thank to my sweet hubby for loving me and being my other half-thank you for being the best daddy in the world.

I will announce later who the winners are to the giveaway!

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Precious!! glad you had such a sweet day, I know this year, after the surgery, it was even sweeter. I also love that you counted the two in heaven, I have three and never forget them either. Enjoy those little ones, they grow soooooooooo fast!!