Thursday, May 27, 2010

Janette's Blog and Pillow Story-worth checking out! New Edited Version

This is from Janette's Blog-A blog I love to follow because she is so real, so truthful, and so wanting to do the will of our Heavenly Father.  
It is a great blog and know you will enjoy reading it.  
She makes these pillows that come from a desire of her heart-I 
loved them and wanted to share her story with you.
I posted this earlier and half of it was missing-I don't know 
why-so I am going to try it again. (Thanks Kelly!)

Vision and Story

 My family has been through some life-altering trials these past few years.  
These trials have brought loss of dreams, loss of pregnancy, loss of 
innocence and loss of finances, which led to the loss of our home, and 
loss of employment.
Through all these trials, I have had to look to a source for my strength 
and find beauty in the ashes that are laid at my feet.  As we were losing 
our home, there was another job loss, and this time, I felt I would go under.  
I knew that there was hope, even though I was fighting to find it, so the 
Encouragement Pocket Pillow was envisioned.  

Encouragement, because we all need it through our trials. 

Pocket to hold the words of encouragement, which can come from many
 sources. Most of mine came from the Bible, and I held onto them tightly.  
The pocket would hold the words of encouragement until the season had 
passed or they had become rooted in your heart. It would also serve as a 
place to story poems, card, and other items that had encouraged us in the 

Pillow, which is a symbol of rest, is something that usually escapes us 
during this time.As I envisioned this pillow, I called this season we are 
still in our “sackcloth season“.  In the Bible, sackcloth was symbolic
 for a season of mourning.  The backs of the pillows were to symbolize 
The Front of each pillow is to symbolize the coming out of mourning… 
the beauty of overcoming adversity… the beauty of different fabrics and trims
… the beauty for ashes. 
The scripture/quote is tied to the top of the pillow. It can be kept in the 
pocket of the pillow until the person feels the truth of the words and pulls 
it out to be hung over the front of the pillow to reveal to the words to others. 
Each scripture/quote is connected to the pillow with a string of beads.  
These are just beads that coordinate with the pillow; however, among the 
beads is a pearl..  Through these “sackcloth” periods of our life, the 
story of the pearl’s formation can become an inspiration. 

My heart’s desire is that each pillow would be an encouragement to the 
person to whom it is given.  As they pass through a room and see the pillow,
 they will be encouraged that their trial will indeed bring forth life again. 
Each pillow is custom-made with different fabrics and trim, because no 
two individual trials are the same.  

There is a charm that can be attached to the beads as a  dedication to 
women who have lost children in the womb or after  birth. I have suffered 
three miscarriages, and know the feeling of losing a child before  birth.  
I remember my husband buying me a charm, a child’s baby shoes, and I 
wore it on a necklace to just hold the memory close as I healed… not forget, 
but healed.

A line of celebration pillows will be added to rejoice in the goodness 
of this life.  The backs will hold a large pocket, but will be in coordinating 
fabric for rejoicing.  The beads will hold a saying, charms or verses that 
celebrate our joys!!  am still on this journey and still learning and memorizing 
many words of encouragement. 

Janette Wright - Wife of 29 years to Bill Wright, and a blessed mother 
of six children


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

How sweet of you...thanks!

cooperkelly4 said...

Yay! I am glad you got this fixed. What a sweet story to share. I have been enjoying Janette's blog too. =0) I absolutely love all the symbolism with these pillows. What sweet reminders of God's faithfulness. Kelly