Friday, October 29, 2010

Analeigh's Rendition of Jesus Loves Me

Analeigh loves for me to sing Jesus Loves Me every night when she goes to bed and she loves to sing it herself so the other day I was trying to capture her singing it on the camera so I could post it on FB for my parents to see it.  This was the best one I got.  When I would get the camera out she would get shy on me-which is funny because she is not normally very shy.  So this is what happened-since I didn't really want to be heard on the tape too I was trying not to sing with her but if I would stop and just try whispering the words she would start to whisper too or when I tried just mouthing the words she started to copy me-hence why she is singing with her lips really pronouncing the words-that cracked me up-I was trying not to laugh out loud while she was doing it cause my laugh would drowned her singing out too.  So I thought it was cute and I wanted to share it with you all
Remember-Jesus Loves You this I know for the Bible tells me so! You will have to shut off my music player at the bottom first to hear this.
HAPPY Friday-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am doing another vendor show in Baird TX on the 6th and I will be selling my Gold Canyon Candles you can check them out here- best candles I have never bought-I LOVE THEM along with my Simple Delights Lotion Bars-and these necklaces for $12.00 along with a few other handmade things.


If you are interested in buying any as gifts or for yourself just holler at me-I can make them with names of them and also from business cards or logos-school mascots-all sorts of things.

On this Pathway-

Monday, October 25, 2010

Delight Yourselves-Simple Delights-How I chose the name.

Why I chose the name Simple Delights:

Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. 
Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. Psalm 37:3-5

Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.
This whole Psalm deals with those who are seeking to do God's righteousness, to give to the poor, to be an upright and just person,to contribute to other needs, clothing the naked and visiting widows and orpans.
Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. 
Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.
Here is where explanation is many of us looking for encouraging Bible verses look to this one because they think that if they delight in the Lord, then He WILL GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT. (I am stepping on my own toes here too!)
The correct interpretation would be that if we take a whole-hearted satisfaction in Jesus, he will mold and shape our hearts so that we have proper desires.
In doing so, as we commit our path to Him He will be

faithful to establish our ways before Him. It's certainly
one thing to get what you want from God, but I think
you will agree it  is another thing to be transformed by Him...

I want my business to be a success for many reasons but first and foremost I want it to bring Him glory-I want to be able to be a witness for Him where I go and whatever I might do with this.  One of the reasons I first started this business was to try and supplement our income. 
But, the more I got into doing it and getting serious about it, like getting my business license, and buying lots of supplies and labels and containers and everything I needed to really have a business, the more I felt God speaking to me about doing other things with the money that I made, one of them being, giving a percentage to families that are trying to adopt a baby.   So many of the blogs I follow are families that are in the process of an adoption and every one of them has talked about the hardship financially that adoption is.  I just don't think this should be so and although my little business is not going to be making millions that I can give away, I also know that every penny counts (the widows mite) and my God is bigger than all of that and He can make those small amounts add up to big amounts and it all helps.

So, as soon as I start making some money (LOL) I plan on trying to contact the families from the blogs I follow to let them know that God has a gift for them.  I will keep you posted (not because I want or need a pat on the back) but to let you know what God is doing with this!

I ask you to pray about all this for me-I don't want this to ever be about me or my family.  I want God to lead and direct me on the journey and two weekends ago I had my first vendor's show and it was a flop.  I handed out lots of cards and sold two bars but I had to leave to sing at a wedding just about the time things picked up. I left a little discouraged-I had big dreams for that day and so I think God had to bring me done a few pegs and let me know this is not about me-or what I have to offer-it is about HIM and what HE has to offer.

Thanks for your kind words and prayers and name suggestions.  I loved and appreciated them all.

This is my logo for my business on my business card (all except the address) and I made a T-Shirt to wear.  I put the logo on the back-and embroidered the name on the front.
Just incase you can't tell from here that is supposed to be a honey comb because one of the ingredients is bees wax.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogging Questions Tag

My sweet blogging friend, Janette, over at tagged me a few days ago in a blogging question and answer blog posting and until this really rainy, I mean really rainy Saturday morning I haven't had time to do it, but this morning we are not going anywhere and I have decided this was much more fun than the 10 loads of laundry facing me to do! lol
So here goes.

  1. If you could travel anywhere with no thought to cost, where would you choose to go?  I would love to go to Australia, or Africa-my degree is in travel and so I would love to travel to either of those places.
  2. What song would you choose for someone to sing at your funeral?  There is something about that Name.  I just love that hymn.
  3. If you could spend a day with anyone (dead or alive) who would you choose?  My two babies in Heaven-I would love to know them-to see them and to tell them I love and miss them.  That there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wonder what they would look like, act like, how their laughs would sound, just little things like that.
  4. What do you want people to remember you by?  That as imperfect as I am as a Christian, Mom, Wife, friend, sister, daughter, that I love and cherish each and every day I have to be all of those people wrapped up into one and I was so blessed and that I tried to be the best at these things-even though I fell short often that there was nothing else I would have rather been.
  5. Are you an early morning person or night owl?  I am a late night person because my kids are early morning people-non of them have ever slept in-so night time is the only time I get to do anything that I need to get done or want to do or like doing without being interrupted and so I often stay up too late doing stuff at night-only to be very tired the next morning do to my morning kids. lol
  6. What is your favorite meal to prepare?  I love  to cook-I make just about anything and I kind of collect cook books.  I LOVE MAKING DESSERTS THE BEST though-that is not good when I need to be on a diet-lol.  I love making breads, pies, cookies, fudge-you name it-if it is sweet I like to not only make it but eat it.
  7. What would a perfect day be like to you?  No arguing from my children-being on vacation somewhere with my whole family-no where to have to be with no time schedule-and like Janette (this vacation would be probably at a beach so it wouldn't be perfect without being a size 5 in a cute bathing suit!)
1.When did you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?   I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 15.  I had always been raised in church but until the age of 15 when we left the church we had been at all my life and started going to a different church had I ever heard the salvation message and accepted Christ.
2. What is the first thing you're going to say to Jesus when you see Him face-to-face? I was going to say probably cry although there isn't supposed to crying in Heaven I can't imagine standing in His presence and not crying-knowing all He has done for me and all I didn't do and failed at and yet He still died for me and loves me.
3. What qualities do you look for most in a friend?  Honesty and being loyal, kind-open and willing to share-I too am "kind of an open book type of person".  People probably know more about me than they want to-lol.  I don't tend to keep secrets about myself.
4. What type of clothing do you enjoy wearing on a regular basis? - I like to get dressed up but since I am home now I look forward to Sundays to do that-I feel better about myself when I look nicer-that is why I don't go out without my hair and makeup done-that and vanity I guess.  I just think I at least look presentable that way.
5. Do you have any hobbies? love to sew, read, cook, and entertain, sing, scrapbook, create crafty things, blog.  Wish I loved to exercise. hehe
6. How many brothers and sisters do you have and are you close? I am the youngest of two, I have one sister that is 3 years older than me.
7. Describe yourself in seven words or less.  
loyal, caring, kind, giving, care deeply, emotional,
OK-you are really going to want to know more about me than you ever wanted to know!  I just saw these questions after answering the first set-lol!!  So may a little dingy would be another word to describe me.  Here goes.
  1. If you could go on two vacations, without any concerns, one  with your family and one with your husband where would you go?  My family would be Disney-we went there 4 years ago when the kids were little and I was pregnant for Analeigh-we want to go back and take her, our whole family now.  She would love it.  My vacation with my hubby-a romantic beach somewhere-we have never been anywhere on vacation alone since we had our kids-unless you count going to the hospital to have the next baby-lol that is the only time we have been alone and together without kids in 12 years.  Some day I hope.
  2. If you could write a book, what author would you want to be like and why? Karen Kingsbury or Fracine Rivers-they are Christian Fiction Novel writers-I just enjoy their style of writing and how they can make their characters seem so real and they base a lot of their stories on real events or Bible characters and I enjoy that.
  3. If you could dream up the most romantic evening with your spouse, what would it be? A yummy dinner and a walk on the beach-maybe even sleeping out on the beach in a hammock,
  4. If you could hear your parents say anything about you, what would you want to hear? That I was a good daughter and a joy to call their daughter and that I was a great mom and wife.
  5. If you were to have your dream job/career/extra-occupation, other than the blessings of what you are doing today, what would it be? A Christian singer.
  6. If you could be a missionary in any country, where would you go to serve? Africa-my hubby was one there for two years and I would love to go experience what he talks about and see where he was and what it was like.
  7. If you could go back for a day, year or month in your past, what would it be and why? My wedding day so that I would soak more of it in to remember or maybe the births of my babies so that I wouldn't forget a moment.
Have fun...What a fun post Janette-thanks for asking me-sorry it took so long for me to answer!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Expecting Answers

I was reading a devotional today and it weighed heavy on my heart as I read it because it stepped on my toes a little.  Basically this is what it said in a nut shell.
"An essential part of faith is expectancy-believing God to the point that we eagerly anticipate His answers to our prayers. The depth of our relationship with God is always directly proportionate to the amount to trust or faith we have in Him. We shouldn't be astonished when He answers our prayers; we should be ashamed when we don't expect Him to do so.  Prayer without faith in empty. Expect an answer, and He will astonish you."

    It made me stop and think, there are so many times in the day that I stop and talk to God, to pray and ask Him for something, sometimes it is forgiveness, or protection over my children or husband, or healing for a family member or friend or whatever it might be, but how many times do I go before the throne, HOPING but maybe if I am truthful not fully believing or trusting that GOD has heard and will answer by prayer? 
    The bible tells us if we have the faith of a mustard seed-that is really tiny-I own a charm that with a real mustard seed in it with the scripture of Matthew on the other side daily to remind me that if I only have the faith of that tiny seed I could see mountains in my life moved!!  It is so tiny that some days I sit and just stare at it and I am amazed that God would use that to compare what amount of faith we have to have to that.  Then it makes me think-"How little faith I have some days-because that little seed is almost too tiny to see and yet He tells us that is all we have to have to see miraculous things happen in our lives."

    I know that God always answers my prayers, sometimes the answer is just a "No" or a "Wait and See" instead of the answer I thought was best.  I also know He knows and sees the bigger picture, how all the pieces to the puzzle fit together and what the final picture will look like, and I don't. I wonder if sometimes He also allows me to wait or tells me no to things because I haven't approached the throne truly believing that He will answer my pray, totally allowing HIM to be in control, and knowing however my prayer is answered that it is the right, true, and perfect answer.

    My prayer today is that I would boldly approach the throne,  having the faith the size of a mustard seed, believing with all my heart that He hears my every prayer and expecting Him to answer them, and knowing that His ways are higher than mine and His plans so much greater for my life than I could ever imagine.

    On His Pathway-

      Wednesday, October 20, 2010

      Electriciaan-Auto Mechanic-now Plumber

      After being a homeowner for 15 years I have grown to dislike the cost of getting things repaired in my home.  It frustrates me that you can go to the store and buy the parts for under $20.00 and yet if you call someone in to the work it can be up to $300.00.   So after following my dad around for years watching him fixing things around my house I have decided that when things break I want to try and fix things around my house and what is the worst that could happen?!  If I ruin it (it is already ruined so what could happen) I will call and get someone else to fix it, but if I can do it-yeah me-I have saved us $$$$$.

       A few months back I had to take a light switch out of the wall and rewire a new light switch and put it in the wall.  It worked-yeah!  

      A couple of weeks ago we had to get our car inspected and we had a bulb out in the tailgate of our car, so I took it apart and got a new bulb and put it in and put the door on the tailgate back.  It worked and passed inspection-yeah!

      So, last night of course in the middle of serving up dinner (my sweet hubby had taken Analeigh out to play in the sand box while I was making dinner) he took her in the girl's bathroom to wash her hands for dinner and I heard him say we will need to call a plumber.  Words you don't want to hear especially in the middle of serving up dinner-I run into the bathroom to find water flowing out from underneath the sink.
      I looked at it and say get a towel-we did-and wiped it up and then we went to eat.  After dinner I say I think we can fix this and I tell my husband I am going to Lowe's and getting the parts.  I take off the old parts (with help from my hubby cause they were are too hard) and leave and go to Lowe's to get the parts.  I come home with parts that aren't quite right (that is a whole other story-the man at Lowe's told me they would work but I thought they wouldn't and wanted something else but took what he said) came home and it didn't work-went back and bought what I wanted to buy the first time and bought it, brought it home and started to fix the sink.  My sweet hubby came in and helped me to screw it on tighter and so together we fixed the sink.  Yeah us-it works!!!

      So I am glad to say that we fixed the sink and now I can add plumber to my list of many hats that I wear. lol.

      The sink after we took all the pieces out and then under the sink after removing the pipes and the tools and seal and junk underneath the sink.
      The new sink-drain piece.

       The new pipes and everything put back together again!  Yeah it works!!

      On this Pathway-

      Monday, October 18, 2010

      Miscellany Monday

      Carissa over at is hosting her Miscellany Monday and I always want to jump in and do it but it always seems to fall on a MONDAY (just teasing-lol ) and it is such a hard day to get all my ducks in a row and get on to do this.  I really should just do it on Sunday and wait to post it but I never think of it.

      1.)  I had my first vendor's show this weekend for my new business "Simple Delights" selling my lotion bars and it wasn't very successful.  The turn out was low until about 1:00 pm at which time I was having to pack up to go sing at a wedding of some friends which I thought was more important and so I must say I didn't do too well and I ended up paying more to be in the show than I made.  OH WELL, I am hoping that I hear from some of the people that took my cards that maybe they will place orders for Christmas.

      2.)  On that same note I need to get busy on a Web Site for my business, a task I don't seem to have a lot of time for at the moment so I am not sure how that will work any time soon but I know if I can it will be helpful. 

      3.) My daughter Alyssa and I made a dinner for a family in our SS class today, Lemon Rosemary Chicken with angel hair pasta with green beans and homemade Hawaiian Bread and Funny Cake for dessert. I  hope it turned out ok because I haven't made Lemon Rosemary Chicken before but they had to have a no salt, low fat, no peanuts meal.  Few, I realized very quickly that I don't cook much low fat and salt is in every thing! I might need to try that more for our own family. lol
       The funny cake.  You put the chocolate on top and when it bakes it ends up on the bottom of the pie with just a light coating across the top.  It is really yummy.

      4.) Today is a beautiful fall day-I am loving fall but I think it is funny (since I grew up in NY my whole life and sometimes by this time of year it can snow) that my rose bushes are still blooming even though some of our bushes are finally starting to get a little color to them.


      5.) Our new kitten Max is growing by leaps and bounds and he is a really funny kitten-he can sleep just about anywhere and he is so relaxed when he does sleep-check out the upside down smile in the one photo-you can see his teeth-this made me laugh out loud.

      6.) My hubby had a faculty art show this weekend at the HSU gallery and we had a fun time being there-Analeigh sang and danced around part of the gallery and entertained everyone there.  She is quite the entertainer.

      One of Mike's pieces in the Art show was a 3-D piece he made of the kids.  It was really neat.

      That is it for my random thought today I guess.
      On His Pathway-

      Wednesday, October 13, 2010

      "Simple Delights" is now official!

      I got my DBA in the mail today so "Simple Delights" is now an official business on the record books of Texas! 

      I will be doing my first show this weekend and I am really excited.
      Here are some of my newest creations.

      If you are interested in placing an order for Christmas they make great presents for that "hard to buy for person" and they make great stocking stuffers too.  Just let me know-I am also offering 10% this weekend at my show that I will extend to any of my blogging customers.
      God has laid a heavy burden on my heart about giving a % to families that are trying to adopt and so I will keep you posted on how that goes!
      Thanks for you prayers.

      Goodbye For Now

      The last time I got to see my Grandma-July 2009

      I have not gotten to post since last week because I was at a "Women of Joy" conference in San Antonio which was wonderful!!! When I got back it was, loads of laundry, dirty dishes, a dirty house, homeschooling-you know the drill.  Anyways, since then things have slowed down a little and so today I was able to get on my blog and share a few things.
      Well at the conference on Saturday morning, I received a call from my dad that my Grandma Corbett (my mom's mom) went home to be with Jesus at 1:06 am.  It hit me like a brick, but God knew that was the place and the time where I needed to hear that news.  It is hard to be sad for very long when you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit and I can tell you He was at that conference.  The worship was wonderful and I was touched by "strangers" (I use that term loosely because we were all sister's in Christ-even though we had never met) and their outpouring of love and comfort over the lose of my Grandma was amazing.
      Her viewing is today and her funeral is tomorrow-my human heart aches for the lose we will all have not having her with us any more but I know I will see her again some day and what a reunion that will be.
      I am sad today too as I can not be there to say goodbye or to comfort my mom and that is one of the hardest parts of being 1800 miles away-the issue of not being able to afford for me to go let alone my whole family and the time being away-my kids could not be here that many days without me since my husband has to work too-so it wasn't an option.  So, I have a heavy heart today knowing what is happening all the way in Buffalo NY today and tomorrow without me.
      I am choosing joy today though because I know it is not the end-thankful that we have a hope that only Jesus can give and I know this is just a stopping over point to where we will be together again forever worshipping our Heavenly Father forever-that is pure joy!
      I already miss her smile, her laugh, her wit, she was a wonderful woman that I am blessed to call Grandma and I pray that she is up in Heaven with Grandpa (who has been gone 23 years) and my babies and my husband's mom, and my Uncle Joe and my Aunt Charolette, sharing stories and laughing and singing and just whole and happy and standing in awe of Jesus and His glory.
      I love and miss you Grandma, thank you for being such a blessing in my life, till me meet again.
      All my love,
      Your Last Born Grandchild-

      Katie's Journey-Blog Hop Day 3

      I decided to go ahead and do Katie's blog hop even though it is day 3 but I thought it would fun to do and after reading it from another friend's blog and so I would recommend going over and signing up  to join in even though it is day 3.

      So today's topic for day 3 is "Your First Love-"

      I did have a "First Love" in the sense of word when I was 16-that was long ago and though it taught me many lessons and helped mold me into the person I am today, as well as showing me the traits I wanted and didn't want in my husband God would bring me some day, it also brought a lot of heart ache that if I can spare my children from I will.

      So my first Love-real, unconditional love, is the love of my Heavenly Father, also around that same time, 15.  I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior at the age of 15 and ever since then I have had a love in my life like none other.  I am so grateful that He saved me and loves me with a love like nothing else can.

      That being said though, I have also been blessed by God with a wonderful godly husband and 4 beautiful kids that are parts of God in the human form and love me with their unconditional love as well.  Being blessed by GOD in this way is like Him showing me Himself through them every day and blessing me way beyond what I deserve,  for which I am so very thankful.

      So, what about your "First Love?"  Hop over to Katie's blog and tell us all about it.

      On this Pathway-