Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Carissa over at is hosting her Miscellany Monday and I always want to jump in and do it but it always seems to fall on a MONDAY (just teasing-lol ) and it is such a hard day to get all my ducks in a row and get on to do this.  I really should just do it on Sunday and wait to post it but I never think of it.

1.)  I had my first vendor's show this weekend for my new business "Simple Delights" selling my lotion bars and it wasn't very successful.  The turn out was low until about 1:00 pm at which time I was having to pack up to go sing at a wedding of some friends which I thought was more important and so I must say I didn't do too well and I ended up paying more to be in the show than I made.  OH WELL, I am hoping that I hear from some of the people that took my cards that maybe they will place orders for Christmas.

2.)  On that same note I need to get busy on a Web Site for my business, a task I don't seem to have a lot of time for at the moment so I am not sure how that will work any time soon but I know if I can it will be helpful. 

3.) My daughter Alyssa and I made a dinner for a family in our SS class today, Lemon Rosemary Chicken with angel hair pasta with green beans and homemade Hawaiian Bread and Funny Cake for dessert. I  hope it turned out ok because I haven't made Lemon Rosemary Chicken before but they had to have a no salt, low fat, no peanuts meal.  Few, I realized very quickly that I don't cook much low fat and salt is in every thing! I might need to try that more for our own family. lol
 The funny cake.  You put the chocolate on top and when it bakes it ends up on the bottom of the pie with just a light coating across the top.  It is really yummy.

4.) Today is a beautiful fall day-I am loving fall but I think it is funny (since I grew up in NY my whole life and sometimes by this time of year it can snow) that my rose bushes are still blooming even though some of our bushes are finally starting to get a little color to them.


5.) Our new kitten Max is growing by leaps and bounds and he is a really funny kitten-he can sleep just about anywhere and he is so relaxed when he does sleep-check out the upside down smile in the one photo-you can see his teeth-this made me laugh out loud.

6.) My hubby had a faculty art show this weekend at the HSU gallery and we had a fun time being there-Analeigh sang and danced around part of the gallery and entertained everyone there.  She is quite the entertainer.

One of Mike's pieces in the Art show was a 3-D piece he made of the kids.  It was really neat.

That is it for my random thought today I guess.
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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Fun post...I used Vistaprint for my web was very easy to do. You can pick a package for $10.00 a month or one that has more pages. You can also set up a store on Etsy...blessings and the best on your business. I closed mine down and gave away the remaining pillows. I think mine became more of a ministry than a business...that is all God's business, I was just the hands!

Kristin said...

You might want to try selling on before setting up your own site. It's a low-cost solution that doesn't take too much time to set up. You can also put a link to your Etsy shop on your sidebar here for all your blog visitors to see. I sell on consignment through a gift shop and the owner puts out my business cards (free from which have brought me a few repeat customers. Good luck with your new venture

BARBIE said...

Sorry to hear your first show did not go well. I think setting u0p an Etsy shop like another reader suggested is a great idea! Hope your week is going great!