Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Electriciaan-Auto Mechanic-now Plumber

After being a homeowner for 15 years I have grown to dislike the cost of getting things repaired in my home.  It frustrates me that you can go to the store and buy the parts for under $20.00 and yet if you call someone in to the work it can be up to $300.00.   So after following my dad around for years watching him fixing things around my house I have decided that when things break I want to try and fix things around my house and what is the worst that could happen?!  If I ruin it (it is already ruined so what could happen) I will call and get someone else to fix it, but if I can do it-yeah me-I have saved us $$$$$.

 A few months back I had to take a light switch out of the wall and rewire a new light switch and put it in the wall.  It worked-yeah!  

A couple of weeks ago we had to get our car inspected and we had a bulb out in the tailgate of our car, so I took it apart and got a new bulb and put it in and put the door on the tailgate back.  It worked and passed inspection-yeah!

So, last night of course in the middle of serving up dinner (my sweet hubby had taken Analeigh out to play in the sand box while I was making dinner) he took her in the girl's bathroom to wash her hands for dinner and I heard him say we will need to call a plumber.  Words you don't want to hear especially in the middle of serving up dinner-I run into the bathroom to find water flowing out from underneath the sink.
I looked at it and say get a towel-we did-and wiped it up and then we went to eat.  After dinner I say I think we can fix this and I tell my husband I am going to Lowe's and getting the parts.  I take off the old parts (with help from my hubby cause they were are too hard) and leave and go to Lowe's to get the parts.  I come home with parts that aren't quite right (that is a whole other story-the man at Lowe's told me they would work but I thought they wouldn't and wanted something else but took what he said) came home and it didn't work-went back and bought what I wanted to buy the first time and bought it, brought it home and started to fix the sink.  My sweet hubby came in and helped me to screw it on tighter and so together we fixed the sink.  Yeah us-it works!!!

So I am glad to say that we fixed the sink and now I can add plumber to my list of many hats that I wear. lol.

The sink after we took all the pieces out and then under the sink after removing the pipes and the tools and seal and junk underneath the sink.
The new sink-drain piece.

 The new pipes and everything put back together again!  Yeah it works!!

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Bethany said...

WOW!! I'm so impressed!! And I really wish I could say I was inspired to get in there and do some DIY projects myself, but my husband is pretty handy so I think I'll leave it to him. But I have to say, I so admire that you are able to fix so many things! I would not have the slightest CLUE where to start!! Great job!!! <3

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You go girl....I have done all this!!! Now put those boys beside you and teach them!!! My kids are never scared to attack a repair. Today I went out to the car, checked the oil, saw it needed oil, added oil, checked the radiator...and then got in it ready to go. Just look at all that money you saved and you didn't have to pay taxes on it either....enjoy!!! Now if you get stuck on something...send me an email...LOL Just always remember to turn off the breaker box when doing electricity...that can really sent out sparks!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh Jill...come over to my blog and join the game of tag...if you would is a fun post to write, and enjoy!