Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodbye For Now

The last time I got to see my Grandma-July 2009

I have not gotten to post since last week because I was at a "Women of Joy" conference in San Antonio which was wonderful!!! When I got back it was, loads of laundry, dirty dishes, a dirty house, homeschooling-you know the drill.  Anyways, since then things have slowed down a little and so today I was able to get on my blog and share a few things.
Well at the conference on Saturday morning, I received a call from my dad that my Grandma Corbett (my mom's mom) went home to be with Jesus at 1:06 am.  It hit me like a brick, but God knew that was the place and the time where I needed to hear that news.  It is hard to be sad for very long when you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit and I can tell you He was at that conference.  The worship was wonderful and I was touched by "strangers" (I use that term loosely because we were all sister's in Christ-even though we had never met) and their outpouring of love and comfort over the lose of my Grandma was amazing.
Her viewing is today and her funeral is tomorrow-my human heart aches for the lose we will all have not having her with us any more but I know I will see her again some day and what a reunion that will be.
I am sad today too as I can not be there to say goodbye or to comfort my mom and that is one of the hardest parts of being 1800 miles away-the issue of not being able to afford for me to go let alone my whole family and the time being away-my kids could not be here that many days without me since my husband has to work too-so it wasn't an option.  So, I have a heavy heart today knowing what is happening all the way in Buffalo NY today and tomorrow without me.
I am choosing joy today though because I know it is not the end-thankful that we have a hope that only Jesus can give and I know this is just a stopping over point to where we will be together again forever worshipping our Heavenly Father forever-that is pure joy!
I already miss her smile, her laugh, her wit, she was a wonderful woman that I am blessed to call Grandma and I pray that she is up in Heaven with Grandpa (who has been gone 23 years) and my babies and my husband's mom, and my Uncle Joe and my Aunt Charolette, sharing stories and laughing and singing and just whole and happy and standing in awe of Jesus and His glory.
I love and miss you Grandma, thank you for being such a blessing in my life, till me meet again.
All my love,
Your Last Born Grandchild-

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Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Oh Jill! I'm so sorry to hear that! But what a sweet promise of reunion you have!!!