Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Katie's Journey-Blog Hop Day 3

I decided to go ahead and do Katie's blog hop even though it is day 3 but I thought it would fun to do and after reading it from another friend's blog and so I would recommend going over and signing up  to join in even though it is day 3.

So today's topic for day 3 is "Your First Love-"

I did have a "First Love" in the sense of word when I was 16-that was long ago and though it taught me many lessons and helped mold me into the person I am today, as well as showing me the traits I wanted and didn't want in my husband God would bring me some day, it also brought a lot of heart ache that if I can spare my children from I will.

So my first Love-real, unconditional love, is the love of my Heavenly Father, also around that same time, 15.  I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior at the age of 15 and ever since then I have had a love in my life like none other.  I am so grateful that He saved me and loves me with a love like nothing else can.

That being said though, I have also been blessed by God with a wonderful godly husband and 4 beautiful kids that are parts of God in the human form and love me with their unconditional love as well.  Being blessed by GOD in this way is like Him showing me Himself through them every day and blessing me way beyond what I deserve,  for which I am so very thankful.

So, what about your "First Love?"  Hop over to Katie's blog and tell us all about it.

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