Monday, August 30, 2010

Miscellany Monday-1st time

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Well, I think I have had this button on my site for months and I have never seemed to have the time on a Monday to do this, although I love getting on and reading what other people have posted-it gives me a sneak peak into other moms' lives and I don't feel so crazy! lol
So, today I decided I would take a few minutes to join in. Just my luck after I got over there to post this the link was closed! LOL
Ok, this gets funnier as the day goes on-Carissa sent me a message that said the link was still open-so I don't know what happened but when I went earlier it was on #96 and it said this Linky is now closed-so I came by and linked up-but in the middle of putting 4 kiddos to bed- so I typed in my title not remembering to put in my name (someone else has the same blog title too I guess) and hit send and so when I clicked on it-it took me to a different blog-not mine.
I have linked up someone else without their knowledge and who has not participated in this at all.
Great now I have no idea how to get it off either-so it is on there above my correct link.
So glad tomorrow is a new day-today was just one of those Mondays.

1. We had Brandon's 7th birthday party a week late since school was just starting the day after his birthday this year-so we waited a week to have a party with his friends.  Last year we went to a friends party at Chuckie Cheeses-he had a blast but he said he didn't want to do that cause they put a crown on your head and make you stand up in front of everyone while they sing "Happy Birthday."  Well, he decided he did want it there and so that is where we had it.  Lots of fun had by all-as you can see I think we over came the whole crown issue too. lol  A side note when he was little he used to call it Chuckie Jesus cause he couldn't say Cheeses-it was really cute-I miss that.

2. Another reason homeschooling is great- lack of illness.  We are in our first year of HS with our oldest daugther Alyssa but our two boys, Derek who is in 3rd and Brandon who is in 1st are still going to public elementary school this year.  One week of school down and Derek stayed home today with a stomach bug-not even winter yet-yuck not looking forward to sick season again. We did make it through our first week of HS and Public school-yeah.

3. I love fall-just wish now that we are back in school it felt like fall-still very very hot in Texas.

4.  Watched the movie "Letters to God" today-whew!  I cried that really ugly cry (you know what I am talking about-snot and all-Tammy Fay Baker looking-cry) more than once during the movie.  I think it hit me so hard being a mom-I sat there thinking would I be a warrior (like the grandpa neighbor tells the boy in the movie) if one of my children was facing cancer or some other ugly illness-I pray I would. I walked away from the movie fearful of falling short of that calling if God asked me to be strong enough to go through it.  Something I need to nail at the foot of the cross and let Him be in charge of-one of my fears (even though it is a sin and I am dealing with that) is losing one of my children.

5. Making King Ranch Chicken for dinner-so praying that no one else is feeling ill to their stomach cause that won't be a good thing to eat if so.  I already had the stuff out ready to make it-so Derek will get soup and I will just pray over the others to keep it down.

6. Alyssa got new glasses this week to the tune of $655.00 after just having gotten her first glasses 6 months ago to the tune of $645.00.  Good thing they are cute-and so is she.

7. Analeigh loves to watch me put on my make up every day-so the other day I found her in my bathroom doing this-
She was pretty proud of herself-and really cute doing it.  Two going on Sixteen-I saw our future flash before my eyes.

8. I decided that I am really going to try and make a side living at home doing my Lotion Bars-so I went official and invested in buying what I needed to make and sell them-tins, labels, bags all that good stuff and make it official.  My hubby in his spare time from teaching is going to do a website for me too.
I am excited-I am hoping to make enough to not only help our family out while I am now home homeschooling and no longer working but also be able to help give to things like the blogs I follow that are trying to adopt children.  I am leaving it in God's hands and praying that if this is supposed to be what I do that it will happen.

9. I finally broke down and went to the Dr. yesterday after feeling icky for 3 weeks-sinus infection and on meds now-I must say after only two doses I am already feeling much better-PTL!

10. I was looking at our pecan trees the other day and we are going to have quite a few pecans again I think this year-yeah!!  It is usually been every other year since we moved here 5 years ago and we had a big crop last year so I was expecting any this year-if we get some much needed rain-I think we will be good to go again.

That is it for my randomness-aren't you glad.  Happy Monday.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update on my Lotion Bars

With the holidays fast approaching us I have tried to kick it into full gear and make my Lotion Bars more of a real business to try and make money from home now that I have quit my job at the church and I am staying home full time to homeschool Alyssa this year.
So I thought, if I am going to get serious about this I need to do labels and buy containers to make these in and tins and containers to sell them in and bags to give them out in when I sell them and so on-to make it like a real product you would buy in the store.
A few weeks ago I got on line and purchased all that good stuff and this week I am having party at a friends house to sell candles (I am a demonstrator for Gold Canyon Candles on the side lol) and my Lotion Bars.   I am excited to see how it goes and if I may be able to make a go of this and bring in a little extra income for our family while being at home doing something I really like doing.
So here are some updated photos of my Lotion Bars in there new containers along with the sizes and prices-they make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers (hint hint-lol)!





I wasn't going to make these but I decided to try it and make them for the party I am having on Thursday-I figured it might be a way that people might buy them without having to put out as big of an  investment in them until they try them and like them.  So I am making these as well hoping that maybe this way people might buy them, try them, like them, spread the word, and buy more.
Praying that if it is something I am supposed to do that at some point I might even be able to do something where I can donate a portion to some of the blogs I follow they are trying to raise money to adopt a child or something like that.   Only God knows what will come of this-I am praying that I would be opening and willing to do whatever He wants of me to do with it and bring Him glory along this pathway!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tomorrow is our 1st day of Homeschooling!

Tomorrow, August 23, 2010 we will be starting a new chapter in our lives, something I never thought I would do, not because I thought it was wrong or weird, but more that I didn't feel I was called to or good enough for-homeschooling.
Alyssa is a smart little girl, but ever since 2nd grade she has struggled a little more with each passing year in school and we aren't quite sure why.   We had her tested in 2nd grade and then again this year in 5th and it was the same results, "Yes your daughter is struggling and yes she has difficultly learning, but-we don't have any real metal issues except with her short term memory (which they think is a lot of it) and she is a more hands on learner-more visual.  So, after this last year and the last past 3 years and many tears and sleepless nights on my hands and knees praying what to do, I stepped down from my job in June and I am staying  home with Alyssa to homeschool and of course Analeigh will be here too.
That makes me a little nervous since she is just two and into everything-I need prayers that I will be able to know how to keep her happy and occupied so that I can also teach Alyssa school.
I also need prayer that I will be able to teach her what she needs to know and that I will teach her in love and with patience and understanding.  I that I will have the knowledge to teach her as she grows.
We are excited for tomorrow will be our first day of school.  Stay tuned-I will post more updates as we travel down this new pathway.
Here are some photos of what will be our class room this year-it was our second family room-hang out room-craft room-now the most important thing-OUR CLASSROOM!

I am a little nervous but mostly excited to see where God will take us on this journey.  I am so thankful to him for many of you who have encouraged me and lent me school supplies (Janette-so grateful-we are using one of the Science books and the book on the states and presidents)-I am amazed at how He has even cared (even though I know this to be true) about the smallest details-everything has just fallen into place.
 Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.


I can hardly believe that it has been 7 years ago today, August 21, 2003,  you were born! (Sorry I am posting this a day late due to the fact I have been sick on week and I haven't been able to sit up and the computer long enough to do a post.)
One day old with your sister Alyssa (5yr) and your brother Derek (21 months)

You were such a beautiful baby with that black hair and very blue eyes ( I thought finally maybe one that will look like me a little) still just as handsome, but your hair changed to be lighter just like the others-sigh. When you were born the nurse said you were too pretty to be a boy with all that hair and said I should slap a bow in your  hair. (smile)-as you already know your daddy would have had none of that!)

The gang pre Analeigh days (your 9 months-Alyssa 51/2 and Derek 3)

We should have known from your fast and furious birth (less than 1 1/2 hours) that you would be going non-stop as soon as you learned how to get around.  You broke your ankle at 10 months and your wrist at 2 and pulled your elbows out of the socket 8 times over the course of 5 years.  Until lately with your hip and your broken arm-we have done pretty well! lol  I think you are learning slow but sure that you get hurt when you go at the speed of light.

You can make me laugh so hard I cry and at the next moment you can push just the right buttons that you make me cry.  You love with great passion and you all dislike things with that very same passion.
Which has always made your dadddy and I say that if we can get you on the right track that no one will ever sway you off of it because you know what you love and don't and are very loyal to whatever you hold dear.   We have prayed since we knew you were in my belly being formed into the wonderful baby you were that you would ask Jesus in your heart and so this Spring when you did just that we rejoiced with the angels knowing that not only are you our son but our brother in Christ.  
Around a year with your sister Alyssa 6

1 year


Blowing Bubbles-not sure if you liked it!
One tired little boy-you fell asleep watching a dvd on the computer. (2yr)

You are a deep thinker-sometimes you will ask me questions way beyond your years and you love to draw and are super good at it, just like your daddy.   I don't know that you will grow up to be an artist like him when you are big, but it is a very strong passion and I see you doing it on the side at least.
You love to dig for rocks in the backyard and you have never met and animal that you did like.  I see you being a vet or a geologist.  

Round Up Sunday at Church (4yr)

You make us all laugh without even trying and your smile is infectious!  You are always clowning around and doing something funny.   You love music and make up songs to sing all the time.

Daddy's Birthday (4yr)

You love your family deeply and want for us all to always be a family unit.  You dislike it when we do things and we aren't all together.  It is really sweet-you worry when your brother or sister go to spend the night somewhere until they are back  home.
Easter 2008
July 2008 Glorieta NM Music week
Eater 2009

Brandon yesterday at his 7th birthday party with our family.
We love you Brandon and we are so proud of the boy you are growing up to be.  You have had to endure a lot this year with your hip surgery and you were so big and brave for only being six and going through what you have the last 5 months.  You are one special little boy and I am so proud to be your mama.
You are the sunshine of our lives-I thank God every day for the gift that you are-you keep me on my toes which has been good for the times we have had to dance in the rain!

"For this child we prayed."  You are truly a blessing Brandon Perry Jones-Happy 7th Birthday!
I will love you forever-to the moon and back!

Love Your Mama

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comfort Food

I have had a miserable cold for the last two days and so today even though I didn't need them and I have been trying to get back on my diet again, I decided to make home made sweet rolls.
My friend Margie, who we spent the weekend with in Louisiana last weekend made these yummy rolls for us for breakfast while we were there.  They were so good I had to have the recipe for them.
Today I broke down and decided that only thing that would make me feel better was if I made these for us to eat-lol!
So I got the ingredients when we went to the store and came home and made them (did I mention you make the dough in your bread machine?!) while I got lunch ready I threw the dough in the bread machine for the dough to mix and rise then when we were done with lunch the dough was ready for me to punch down and roll out and cut up into the rolls-then more rising, baking and frosting and yeah they are done and ready to eat.
I must say that my cold is still just as bad as it was before the sweet rolls, but my belly is happy and they sure tasted yummy.  It is a great recipe for company too cause it made this 13X9 pan (which makes about 12) and then another smaller pan of 8.
Thanks for the great recipe Margie.  We loved them. Now I need to go finishing getting ready to go meet the teacher for the boys tonight-I have blown my nose so many times today that I have blown all my make up off.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our trip to the Bayou to see our family and friends

This past weekend we went to the Bayou in Louisiana to see Mike's Uncle Perry (our Brandon is named after him Brandon Perry) and Aunt Lou at their home with Mike's dad.  He always goes through there to spend the night on his way from TN to TX to see us.  It breaks up the trip for him plus he gets to see his brother.  We have not been to see them since Derek was 6 months old so they had never met Brandon or Analeigh, so we decided to got o LA this past weekend to see them.
The gang-Derek, Papa, Uncle Perry, Brandon, Mike, Alyssa, Analeigh

The Bayou (this is off of their back yard by about 500 feet)
We also got to stay with some very dear friends that we met while living in AR and over the years they move to Louisiana and we moved to Texas but whenever we go home we stop and see them.  They are the kind of friends that when you are away from them you miss them terribly but when you are together it seems that no time has passed.  I love them dearly-our kids adore their kids too and they all play so well together.  We had a really great weekend-I am always so blessed to be around Margie-she is so kind and sweet and such a wonderful mom and wife-she has a calming effect on me-that is good for me-lol!  Here are some photos from our time with them too.

Margie and Me  (she just glows with the love of Jesus)
Our babies swinging-they are about 8 months apart-they really were cute together.

All the kids playing cards and the girls doing relay races with the babies-they loved it!

The Hendricks-our wonderful friends and host family.

All of us-we wondered what neighbors thought will all those kids-we were also acting really silly as you will see in the next photo-so we laughed like crazy wondering what they were thinking.

Mike and the kids wanted donuts in the car on the trip home-so we stopped at a place that sold Krispy Creams and this is what Analeigh did to her donut-she ate hers by licking all the icing off the top and then sticking her thumb in the middle to get out all the cream-yummy.

I am so thankful for the friendships that God has given me and for the fact he knows when I need a boost from one of them-I was having a little lonely period of time-missing friends that I have had over the years and wished they still lived close-I got to spend this weekend with one the sweetest friends He has blessed me with and it was wonderful.
In so many ways-I am thankful for this past weekend where God had a chance to show and remind me of those blessings.
Thanks Marige and Ivan and girls.  We love you all and were blessed to get to see you and spend time with you this past weekend.

On this Pathway-