Sunday, August 22, 2010


I can hardly believe that it has been 7 years ago today, August 21, 2003,  you were born! (Sorry I am posting this a day late due to the fact I have been sick on week and I haven't been able to sit up and the computer long enough to do a post.)
One day old with your sister Alyssa (5yr) and your brother Derek (21 months)

You were such a beautiful baby with that black hair and very blue eyes ( I thought finally maybe one that will look like me a little) still just as handsome, but your hair changed to be lighter just like the others-sigh. When you were born the nurse said you were too pretty to be a boy with all that hair and said I should slap a bow in your  hair. (smile)-as you already know your daddy would have had none of that!)

The gang pre Analeigh days (your 9 months-Alyssa 51/2 and Derek 3)

We should have known from your fast and furious birth (less than 1 1/2 hours) that you would be going non-stop as soon as you learned how to get around.  You broke your ankle at 10 months and your wrist at 2 and pulled your elbows out of the socket 8 times over the course of 5 years.  Until lately with your hip and your broken arm-we have done pretty well! lol  I think you are learning slow but sure that you get hurt when you go at the speed of light.

You can make me laugh so hard I cry and at the next moment you can push just the right buttons that you make me cry.  You love with great passion and you all dislike things with that very same passion.
Which has always made your dadddy and I say that if we can get you on the right track that no one will ever sway you off of it because you know what you love and don't and are very loyal to whatever you hold dear.   We have prayed since we knew you were in my belly being formed into the wonderful baby you were that you would ask Jesus in your heart and so this Spring when you did just that we rejoiced with the angels knowing that not only are you our son but our brother in Christ.  
Around a year with your sister Alyssa 6

1 year


Blowing Bubbles-not sure if you liked it!
One tired little boy-you fell asleep watching a dvd on the computer. (2yr)

You are a deep thinker-sometimes you will ask me questions way beyond your years and you love to draw and are super good at it, just like your daddy.   I don't know that you will grow up to be an artist like him when you are big, but it is a very strong passion and I see you doing it on the side at least.
You love to dig for rocks in the backyard and you have never met and animal that you did like.  I see you being a vet or a geologist.  

Round Up Sunday at Church (4yr)

You make us all laugh without even trying and your smile is infectious!  You are always clowning around and doing something funny.   You love music and make up songs to sing all the time.

Daddy's Birthday (4yr)

You love your family deeply and want for us all to always be a family unit.  You dislike it when we do things and we aren't all together.  It is really sweet-you worry when your brother or sister go to spend the night somewhere until they are back  home.
Easter 2008
July 2008 Glorieta NM Music week
Eater 2009

Brandon yesterday at his 7th birthday party with our family.
We love you Brandon and we are so proud of the boy you are growing up to be.  You have had to endure a lot this year with your hip surgery and you were so big and brave for only being six and going through what you have the last 5 months.  You are one special little boy and I am so proud to be your mama.
You are the sunshine of our lives-I thank God every day for the gift that you are-you keep me on my toes which has been good for the times we have had to dance in the rain!

"For this child we prayed."  You are truly a blessing Brandon Perry Jones-Happy 7th Birthday!
I will love you forever-to the moon and back!

Love Your Mama


Barbie said...

Oh Jill, what a beautiful and touching tribute to your handsome boy! Happy Birthday Brandon!

cooperkelly4 said...

oh so sweet! Time sure does fly so quickly as a Momma! I know you are enjoying these moments. =)