Monday, August 30, 2010

Miscellany Monday-1st time

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Well, I think I have had this button on my site for months and I have never seemed to have the time on a Monday to do this, although I love getting on and reading what other people have posted-it gives me a sneak peak into other moms' lives and I don't feel so crazy! lol
So, today I decided I would take a few minutes to join in. Just my luck after I got over there to post this the link was closed! LOL
Ok, this gets funnier as the day goes on-Carissa sent me a message that said the link was still open-so I don't know what happened but when I went earlier it was on #96 and it said this Linky is now closed-so I came by and linked up-but in the middle of putting 4 kiddos to bed- so I typed in my title not remembering to put in my name (someone else has the same blog title too I guess) and hit send and so when I clicked on it-it took me to a different blog-not mine.
I have linked up someone else without their knowledge and who has not participated in this at all.
Great now I have no idea how to get it off either-so it is on there above my correct link.
So glad tomorrow is a new day-today was just one of those Mondays.

1. We had Brandon's 7th birthday party a week late since school was just starting the day after his birthday this year-so we waited a week to have a party with his friends.  Last year we went to a friends party at Chuckie Cheeses-he had a blast but he said he didn't want to do that cause they put a crown on your head and make you stand up in front of everyone while they sing "Happy Birthday."  Well, he decided he did want it there and so that is where we had it.  Lots of fun had by all-as you can see I think we over came the whole crown issue too. lol  A side note when he was little he used to call it Chuckie Jesus cause he couldn't say Cheeses-it was really cute-I miss that.

2. Another reason homeschooling is great- lack of illness.  We are in our first year of HS with our oldest daugther Alyssa but our two boys, Derek who is in 3rd and Brandon who is in 1st are still going to public elementary school this year.  One week of school down and Derek stayed home today with a stomach bug-not even winter yet-yuck not looking forward to sick season again. We did make it through our first week of HS and Public school-yeah.

3. I love fall-just wish now that we are back in school it felt like fall-still very very hot in Texas.

4.  Watched the movie "Letters to God" today-whew!  I cried that really ugly cry (you know what I am talking about-snot and all-Tammy Fay Baker looking-cry) more than once during the movie.  I think it hit me so hard being a mom-I sat there thinking would I be a warrior (like the grandpa neighbor tells the boy in the movie) if one of my children was facing cancer or some other ugly illness-I pray I would. I walked away from the movie fearful of falling short of that calling if God asked me to be strong enough to go through it.  Something I need to nail at the foot of the cross and let Him be in charge of-one of my fears (even though it is a sin and I am dealing with that) is losing one of my children.

5. Making King Ranch Chicken for dinner-so praying that no one else is feeling ill to their stomach cause that won't be a good thing to eat if so.  I already had the stuff out ready to make it-so Derek will get soup and I will just pray over the others to keep it down.

6. Alyssa got new glasses this week to the tune of $655.00 after just having gotten her first glasses 6 months ago to the tune of $645.00.  Good thing they are cute-and so is she.

7. Analeigh loves to watch me put on my make up every day-so the other day I found her in my bathroom doing this-
She was pretty proud of herself-and really cute doing it.  Two going on Sixteen-I saw our future flash before my eyes.

8. I decided that I am really going to try and make a side living at home doing my Lotion Bars-so I went official and invested in buying what I needed to make and sell them-tins, labels, bags all that good stuff and make it official.  My hubby in his spare time from teaching is going to do a website for me too.
I am excited-I am hoping to make enough to not only help our family out while I am now home homeschooling and no longer working but also be able to help give to things like the blogs I follow that are trying to adopt children.  I am leaving it in God's hands and praying that if this is supposed to be what I do that it will happen.

9. I finally broke down and went to the Dr. yesterday after feeling icky for 3 weeks-sinus infection and on meds now-I must say after only two doses I am already feeling much better-PTL!

10. I was looking at our pecan trees the other day and we are going to have quite a few pecans again I think this year-yeah!!  It is usually been every other year since we moved here 5 years ago and we had a big crop last year so I was expecting any this year-if we get some much needed rain-I think we will be good to go again.

That is it for my randomness-aren't you glad.  Happy Monday.


Grace Wheeler said...

I'll be praying you feel better! Glad to know the meds are already helping!!!

Maggie said...

Aww! I love the pictures of your daughter putting on make-up! She is darling! It reminds me of a picture from when I was little, only I got ahold of the lip stick in bright pink.

I hope everyone starts feeling better and that you can beat flu session! Glad to hear that the first week of elementary and high school went well!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

hey pretty gal! hope you feel better. your gal in glasses is too cute! i checked the linky... it still works! feel free to link up! it doesn't close until tomorrow morn. thanks for joining. chuckie "Jesus" - too cute!

Angelica said...

Hi there -

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your lovely comment. I hardly check my blog because I write very sporadically...but thank you so much for stopping by! Many blessings to you and your beautiful family. :-)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh Isn't Letters to God just unreal???...I keep thinking I will write a post on it! So glad both of your schools are going our combination year...different for me but good!
Thanks for your comment on my blog spoke such truth to me...needing a lot of that right now! A hard post...not fun like my Mommy Piggy Tales, but my testimony!!!
I would love to meet anytime you come this way I will meet you!!! I would be truly blessed.
Oh pecan trees...that makes me cry today...we had pecan trees at our house...oh, my..but we do have some near us at a park. My little one loved picking them and cracking them with a rubber mallet and eating them...I have precious pictures of him doing that at age 2!
Blessings on birthdays, new glasses....just life!!
Keep in touch!!!