Sunday, April 4, 2010

Favorite Photos Blog Hop on McLinky

Some of my most recent favorite photos.

Analeigh this Easter.

Brandon in the snow-sad after his snowman fell over.

Rain coming down off of the roof.
Analeigh right after a nap.

Derek and a water balloon.     Analeigh at bathtime.
Analeigh as Minnie Mouse.

Analeigh and my Grandmother-1year and 95 years!     Analeigh at a rest stop on our way to NY.
A butterfly I found on theses flowers at the rest stop.   My sister being silly at Disney.

All My Monkies in the the tree.      Analeigh being her sweet-funny self.

My sweet girl-Analeigh and Alyssa.
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Barbie said...

What adorable pictures! Hey, I need to mail your certificate for the What's in the Bible DVD and I haven't received your email yet. I did get your email asking, but no, I haven't gotten it yet. Please email me at swihartbarbie@gmail dot com.


Mel said...

I love the next to last ones. thanks for sharing!