Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simplifying for Sanity room #4 the Bathroom

This was an easier room for me this week because not long ago I re-did this bathroom to be kind of crazy for the kids (the main bathroom-otherwise know as the kids bathroom and the bathroom most guests use)it used to be just boring white with a shower curtain and two orange colored carpets (boring) so I told the kids I would liven it up a bit.  If I could I would change out the tile altogether in there but since money is a huge part in doing that we will have to wait on that option so instead I tried to work around the ugly tile- so maybe you won't even notice it! lol

So I didn't have much but normal cleaning to do in here and straightening the cabinets up a bit.  Except since I had done the bathroom over about 2 months ago-I bought fabric to make curtains and I had just never gotten around to doing them-so this motivated me to finish that project.  Yeah!

So here are the before pictures.

The kid's artwork.
                                       The whole bathroom with the new curtains.

This isn't really in the bathroom but outside the bathroom but it holds the towels and sheets and it needed to be cleaned up too.
So there you have it.  Room #4 done.
Happy Simplifying!

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