Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny Girl

Our Analeigh has the greatest facial expressions (she does all these funny faces with her eyebrows)and she has a great sense of humor.  She is 99% of the time (she just turned 2 so we have tested the waters a little lately or I would say 100%) a ball of sunshine rolled up into this little body.  She really makes us all laugh and many days puts many things into perspective for me-you know when you stop and say "In the big picture of things how does this really matter?"
Anyways, we were playing in her room yesterday and I had my camera out in our room (which is attached to her room) and so when she started being really funny I went to grab it and started shooting some photos of her and these are what I got.

Thanks for being such a joy in our lives Analeigh-God knew when we lost the baby before you and we thought we wouldn't have any more babies that we needed you our last little sunshine to complete the picture.  I pray you will always have that joy, that happy heart to make others smile and to spread the joy of Jesus to others some day.  I love you baby girl.
I couldn't post all these photos without posting a few of all my other bundles of "JOY" too so just a few more photos to share of my Derek, Brandon and Alyssa too.  We entered a drawing contest for Little Caesar's Pizza and so I snapped a few photos to keep of the boy's art work and then we got Easter presents from Papa Jones that we had to open a few days early.

  We also made a trip to Hardin Simmons (the college daddy teaches at) for an Art Show the other night and we had to wait for it to start so we snapped a few photos there too-we are in Abilene, West Texas (I think the windiest city next to Chicago) hence are hair being blown to bits-makes for some funny pictures though.

Thanks for letting me share these with you all.

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