Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whew! We made it home.

This will be short and sweet cause I haven't really slept since Tuesday morning at 2:00am-last night we were at the hospital right outside the nurses station and so it was very noisy and I didn't sleep like my sweet Brandon because I didn't have the great pain meds he had in him. lol   So, I feel like I ran all the way home from Fort Worth behind the car-I actually drove home with a friend of mine, Donna and her grandson who lives near there and is coming for a visit for a few days and Brandon.  We got home, I ran to pick up the others at school, ran to the pharmacy to get Brandon's medicine(for pain) and by a friend's house who is loaning us a wheel chair for a few days.   When the pain is not so intense we are supposed to be able to use his leg and apply pressure but right now it is not happening.  He is really hurting and the pain ball that is attached to his hip that numbs it every few hours will run out tomorrow-so I think the next few days will be worse before it gets better.   Praise God we are home though and the healing can begin.  I am amazed when I look at the x-rays what they are able to do-I thought who ever thought this would work-screwing screws in a bone with a metal plate-really who said "I think I will sign up for that!"(?)
We are trying to settle in early tonight and get back on a schedule-Brandon and I are camping out on the couch tonight-it is closest to one of the bathrooms and I think his bed sits too low to get in and out of it(bottom bunk) at this point-so I don't know how great I will sleep but I am just glad to be home where we belong-with my other kiddos and hubby and cat and dogs. lol
We serve an amazing God-I am truly humbled by His grace for me and my beautiful family He has blessed me with.
This is what my new bionic man's hip and leg look like from the inside now-the upper screw into the hip bone is harder to see where they packed the bone graph material around it but see the 3 screws that go into his leg bone?! Kind of scary looking.  He is resting peacefully right now and so I am gonna hit the couch along with him.
Good Night for now!
Happy Dreams


Lynnette Kraft said...

So glad you guys are home! That must feel so good! I hope you can get some sleep. I will be praying for Brandon as the pain meds go away - to be able to handle the pain, and that he recovers very quickly.

Tell Brandon that I'm thinking about him often and praying for him.

JillAileenJones said...

Thanks Lynnette-I am so glad to be home too. Even sleeping on the couch next to Brandon was a warm welcome from the couch in the hospital. Thanks for your prayers-he has been a trooper and is fine when he is still-just moving him for any reason sends out much crying and screaming (from us both-lol-not really) it is just really painful still. I am not sure at what point I need to push him a little-I am not sure if a lot of it is or will become from fear from how bad it hurt from the beginning and he just doesn't want to experience that again.
Just praying for him and strength for a quick recovery.
I did tell Brandon what you said and he just smiled and said I like her mom!