Monday, April 12, 2010

A lesson in Communication

Well for those of you who looked at my most recent blog before this saw where I posted we got our call from Cook's Children's Hospital today and we see the cancer Dr. Wednesday at 2:30. So thank for your prayers that we would here something today and get in this week-Amen for that.

You would have also seen that our nurse to our Dr. called today and said he needed to see him at 1:30 today.  So I said ok and thought maybe he needed to do a check up so we would have a statement of health before we went or to take out his staples or do blood work or something.   Well we got there at 1:15, about 1:55 we got called back to a room and then we waited till 3:00 at which point I had to call and make plans for someone else to pick up my two oldest who were at school because my husband was in the middle of teaching a class and I could not reach him.  That was taken care of and God worked it all out because I already had another friend coming over to watch all the kids because I had called this morning to make an appointment with the school about home schooling or home bound schooling for Brandon for the rest of this year at they were meeting with someone already at 3 about that and could meet with me at 3:30.

So the Dr comes in at 3:05 and the first thing out of his mouth is "So, we are running a 104 fever we better do blood work because they are going to want it at Cook's" to which I spun around and looked at Brandon like I didn't know the answer and he did and said "You aren't running 104 temperature?" like I didn't know-I know crazy-I haven't slept much since Friday!  The Dr. says "So he isn't running a 104 temperature?"  And I say no!  So he says he is sorry he wasted our time-that the nurse must have misunderstood when I called or he misunderstood her and she told him about someone having a 104 and then said by the way the Joneses haven't heard from Cooks and he ran the two together and just said back I need to see him.   Well, we might have a temp of 104 by tomorrow since we sat in there for two hours with all the sick people but I pray not.  Oh, well we got lots of DS time and Analeigh managed to eat 3 pieces of gum because we missed lunch and nap time.  I just had to laugh-at least it wasn't something bad-no news is good news I guess.

One funny thing is Brandon says things that crack us up without knowing he is being funny and so I told him when we were going at 1:30 that they were just coming back from lunch so we should get right in and out of there (not.)  So after waiting for an hour in the room- Brandon looks at me (this is funny cause our Dr is at least 48, married and has 3 kids) and says gee wiz this is taking a long time-his mom must have packed him at least a 100 things in his lunch today!  I busted up laughing and couldn't stop (again lack of sleep)  he didn't want me to tell him cause he thought he'd be mad and not be his friend anymore-too sweet.  When he apologized for wasting our time I said "Oh, don't worry Brandon just thought your mom must have packed you 100 things in your lunch today and it was taking awhile for you to eat it all-to which he laughed.

Well-I am keeping Brandon home at least till we have a game plan.  The school in not worried since we only have 5 weeks left, it will be a medical excuse, and he hasn't missed a day until today.  So that is the game plan.
Thank you all again for your prayers-keep them coming-it would be great to have good answers on Wednesday-I am not very good at waiting!
Love you all-thank you so much for your caring kind words and prayers, and making me and my family feel so loved and covered in prayer.
On His Pathway-
These pictures have nothing to do with any of this but Analeigh was being her funny self at bed time-she goes around tucking everyone else in and jumping on the bed and is really funny so I stuck some on here-God knew we need our little bundle of JOY to make us laugh at times like this.


Rachel said...

Continuing to pray for your precious Brandon.

Oh, I have a gum eater as well. He's notorious for searching my purse for some guy and devouring my pack as quickly as possible.


croleyc69 said...

Praying for you all so much !!