Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 days of Photos! Day 1

I love to take pictures (over 7000 just in the last 6 months on my computer right now that I need to back up now!)-mostly of my children because they change so much daily and I don't want to miss a thing-I want to remember it all and every stage of their lives, but I also love rainbows, and animals, and sunsets and sunrises and unique bridges or buildings or whatever! I wish at times that I would have taken more photography classes in High School or College (I may at HSU-where my hubby teaches-matter-a-fact-the photography classes are in the art dept. where he is the head of the department) so I may try to fit that into my schedule at some point when I have nothing to do-ha!  Will I still be able to hold up the camera at 90?! lol
Anyways, I started the 365 pictures-a year in photo thing last year because I love to take photos and I thought it would be fun to do but things  life happened and I didn't get to it for days on end (when Brandon had his surgery or all 4 were sick with the flu) and so I kind of gave up on it.  So, I decided I was going to try and do it again this year since I tend to post photos with my blogs a lot of the time anyways that maybe this was a good way to do it.
So I am starting with January 1st of course.
The 3 T's Teddy Bears-Tea Parties, and TuTu's-My Sweet Analeigh playing in her bedroom on New Year's Day.
Happy New Year!
On this Pathway-hoping to capture this next year one photo at a time!

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Rebecca said...

oh brave. We're here reading and looking forward to the picture journey