Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hey my dear blogging friends if you think of it during your prayer time tomorrow (1-5-11) pray for my Brandon.   We will be on our way-(just he and I) to Cook's Children's Hospital for a follow up on his hip since his surgery.
He is really hoping and praying to get some good news-like that he can run and jump and act like a 7 year old boy normally does.  He has been on restricted activity since his surgery back in April ( almost 9 months now-I mean nothing but walking and bike riding (that was just the last two months) and he is about to go crazy.  I really think that is part of us just driving each other a little crazy lately too-besides the fact we both can be pretty bull headed and have to have the last word (a lot a like this one and I) and so I feel like all we have done the last few moths is argue with each other.  It has made me shed many a tear at bed time-we both are very passionate people as well-we love and dislike things with a great passion and so at times it makes our relationship a difficult one.
So, if you think of it, please keep us in your prayers-traveling mercies and a quick easy visit (I teach 3rd grade choir at church on Wednesday nights and it starts back up tomorrow and I really need to be back in time) and for good news for this little boy to at least be able to do a few more things.  Lots of vent up boy energy waiting to escape this little body! lol
Love you all and am so thankful that I can ask for pray and know we will be covered-it means a great deal to this mama's heart.
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cooperkelly4 said...

praying here Jill!!! ♥

BARBIE said...

Jill, I will definately say a prayer for Brandon and for you. Believing for the Good Report!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Totally covering you right now and for you to see God's hand. I understand a little with Benjamin going through the 11 weeks of his leg in a brace and now he can't walk really well yet...I am praying and will continue all day. My the spring time bring all the freedom he can handle...and you also.

Janet said...

Praying for Brandon and your family.