Monday, January 10, 2011

More photos to share 1-8-11-1-10-11

Just the last few days in the life of the Joneses. 
I always say it is a zoo at our house-this proves it-lol!  Our sweet Analeigh as my favorite animal a giraffe.

Max loves to get on top of the TV in the living room and bat at things like he can get them-he does this to the arrow on the computer screen when ever I am on it too-He was loving the shade rolling up and down on Elmo-too much fun!

I was so excited about this one-after Christmas I always try to get one really great deal on something that I would really like but that I won't pay the normal full price for since we have so many little ones to buy for at Christmas.  So last year it was my snowmen plates-ceramic dinner plates with a snowman in the middle of them (which I collect) buy the time I got them they were like 95% off and I was able to get the 6 we needed for our table for 10 cents a plate!!!!
This was my bargain this year.  I love nativities too and this one even has a light in the area where Mary and Joseph are being covered by and angel.  I loved it-the simplicity of it-it is just really pretty-any guesses on the price?  Well I will tell you cause I was so excited $4.99!! So I had to take a picture to show you my great deal for the day.

That's all there is-there isn't anymore (for today)

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cooperkelly4 said...

ok, so I hear ya sayin' I am not the only one. =0) heehee. YES! you can definitely use the baking soda paste on those last stubborn bits. (hmmm, wonder how I know that. =0) Good to hear from you!