Monday, January 24, 2011

A photo a day-a little behind 1-11-11-1-15-11

 Our Texas State Flag-flying high in the air with the sunset behind it-we were at the top of a ferris wheel at Six Flags when I shot this.

 Just a sweet shot of my kitty-he looked like I felt that day-worn out-wish I could have joined him in hanging over the edge of my bed asleep!
 Silly squirrel-this is a stuffed animal of our dogs that is in the back yard for them to play with-it was bigger than the squirrel-but he grabbed a hold of it and drug it up the tree in our back yard. LOL
 My sweet baby girl- modge podging the letter "A" for Analeigh all by herself, for her bedroom to hang her coat on.
A saying I really like that I saw somewhere that I decided to paint on one of the walls in my office in our house.

Analeigh with a mustache and beard- lol  Girl after my own heart-she really enjoyed this bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup on it.

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Monday Jill Sweetie...
What beautiful shares today. I absolutely LOVE seeing the Texas flag fly high in the breeze. That is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Your kitty is in heaven resting there at the edge. You can just see the happiness in his heart as he rests. I love that photo.

Your saying you painted, oh be still my little heart. I love it. Couldn't be more perfect to be reminded each time you go in there.

Your precious Analeigh is just that, Precious, and the two photos are PRICELESS. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of LOVE. It so touched my heart today.

Many hugs sweetie and much love, Sherry