Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advertise on your blog and earn money doing it.

I just recently signed up to advertise for a company called Chunky Bling on my blog. You can  click here to check them out. You can see in my side bar that I have a button where their add is running.   They give one of the highest commissions I have ever seen for advertising on your blog and their products are really cute. 
They are looking for other blogs to advertise on. So this is your chance.... if you want to make a little money by advertising for a great company off of your here- you need to use the link provided to get started. 
I get a little something for referring you and then you will get something when you refer people too. 
Check out there new Mother's Bracelets-great for mom or grandma or aunt or sister or anyone else you might now that loves jewelry-they are on sale right now for $15.00 up to six birthstone pearls and they will do a total up to 12 birthstone charms ($2.00 for each extra pearl after 6.)  I love it and plan on ordering one soon.

Check it out-lots of fun things on there.

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