Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interesting thoughts on "Blogging Cliques"

I follow a blog that had an interesting topic today-Do you think the blogging world has cliques too? She listed her thoughts comments and some from other bloggers on why she thought maybe this was true.

I found it interesting-mostly because if I am truthful there are times when I log on that I wish I had comments and I don't and I read other blogs I follow and see all the followers they have and all the comments and I wonder why I can't or don't I.

So yes if there is a blogging "clique" I know I am not in it, but the friends I have met from blogging are wonderful-the ones that have responded to my posts and have left the sweetest comments and heartfelt prayers- I am so blessed that I have met each of you, to call you my friends.
I started my blog as a way to journal my thoughts, our activities as a family, photos, daily things like that-mostly as a way for me to keep a scrapbook like journal for my our family and friends that live all over the the US that we have never lived near since we were have been married and had kids.  So they were  able to get on and read what we were up to and see how the kids have grown but also for making new friendships and seeing glimpses into other people's lives and know how they live and what they are like(has always been interesting to me.)  So, I am thankful for the few followers I have and the friendships that I have made from them-there are so many of you I wish I could meet in person and someday maybe we will.
For now I will keep on blogging for me and for anyone else who might be interested in reading my blog.

PS-So glad to be out of Jr. High!

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Well said...oh, I can see how ignorant I there a cliche or are there popular blogs? Well you can tell I am not in them because I don't know which ones they are....ha, ha.
I am so sorry it hurts at times, but I can say the same thing you said at the end...those I have meet, like you, are precious people and I have loved getting to know them through their blogs...I pray for them and feel like I come into their home and share a cup of tea. Those who aren't interested in knowing me...well that is fine too, I didn't blog for them anyway.

I started my blog not having a clue what blogs were...really, I had never read one. I just wanted to enter the tech world of my kids and I wanted to write something that would tell my kids...if they are ever interested, who their mother daughter and daughter-in-law read it at times....they never comment nor tell me...something will slip and I will my blog was for that reason. I also hoped that my own walk would encourage others to see you can fall down and still get back up!!

In the mean time God has started to heal me through my blog and others I have read and for that I am so grateful.

Will I ever make any money or be one of the popular blogs, or have a book deal because of my blog or movie deal...probably not!! If God does that then I will be blown away, but for now it isn't even in my head.

I hope this allowed you to work through these issues and that you will continue to enjoy the blog world...hugs,

Linda said...

I love blogging. Sometimes I just feel like reading blogs and commenting...and I may not do a blog post for a week or so. Then other times I do a couple a week....but I have never been an everyday poster.

It is a good outlet for me. A good place to post the poems I like to write. And also a place where I can post pictures of our kids and grandkids.

I do find people that I have things in common with...and some people that I don't...but one thing for sure, blogging has given me so many opportunities to pray for others, and to offer words of encouragement. is a place where I can ask other people to pray for me when I have a need.

I thank God for this outlet. There may be cliques...and those who want to become popular...but I think they are the exceptions. Most people just want to be real...and warm and friendly. (:>)

By the way, you have a lovely family and a beautiful smile in your family picture Jill. You are sweet.

Love, Momma Linda