Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our trip to the Dr. did not go as planned

Our trip to the Dr. at Cooks did not go as planned-we went got our x-rays and were in and out quickly.  That part was good-the not so good part is one of the areas where the cyst has been removed is growing another cyst and this one has is not a solid mass it has little finger like veins in it (the only way I can described it) so the option of going in and having a steroid shot put into his hip is still open to us but we were told by both the Dr. at Cooks that we have and our Dr. here that I met with this morning that the there isn't a great chance of killing or stopping the growth of the cyst with this method at this point because it is almost impossible to have the steroid reach all the vein like things in it so that it wouldn't kill it all-it would continue to grow.
So since this isn't out patient-he would go in and be put under and have a day like surgery we are opting to wait the 2 months like she suggested and our Dr. here agrees to see if it won't resolve on it's own or if it continues to grow that we will need to do another option.  Surgery to open up the area-remove this cyst and graft again isn't an option right now since if they went in where they did the first time they couldn't reach it because of the rod in there now-so they would have to remove it (a really terrible option) or go above it (another not great option either) because they have to go through muscle, and things that could then kill the blood flow to the bone-really bad-dead bone=a hip replacement-not what we want to do on a 7 year old.
So after talking to our wonderful pediatric Dr., Dr. Wiley here (someone we respect and value his opinion-physically and spiritually) he feels like the report she wrote(and he is speaking to her today as well)that is what she would like to wait two months and his opinion it to wait the two months and see what happens.
At that point we will know more as well-they don't believe it is cancer again PTL and since the rod is in place and stable and there is no fracture currently we need to wait and see what it will do.  The Dr. wrote in her report that quite often the will resolve on their own.  The bad part is it is new the growth plate so it could cause issues but right now it isn't so waiting two months will give us a better idea of what it might be doing or going to do.  If we were to do the shot now-there is a slight chance it might stop the growth or kill it, but it is very slight.  Putting him through that and if it grows anyways and we are having to look at removal and grafting again anyways-it just isn't worth putting him through all that with a very poor success rate and then maybe surgery after all.
So with much prayer and just as many tears we are choosing to wait the two months to see what happens.  He isn't in pain and has no limping at this point either so they would rather wait.  The hard part is making this decision and not looking back.  If it gets worse we can't second guess what he are deciding is the right thing to do today based on all the information we have and our prayers.
I have to trust what we choice we are making today is the right one for the knowledge we have and the advice from two very good Dr.'s.
Please pray for me-I am very weary and for awhile I think I may second guess this-worry we have made the wrong choice.  The funny thing is the Dr. yesterday said "You know he is still the same boy leaving here as he was coming in here-we just have the knowledge now that the cyst is back and it hasn't changed him in anyway-he is not hurting or limping so had we not had this appointment today we wouldn't be doing anything different."  That is true-so we are waiting and praying and I am trusting that my God is bigger than this and He can if it is His plan stop this tumor from growing even make it go away, not even be on the next x-ray.  I am claiming healing for him today-please pray that as well.
The hardest part for me has been making sure he is ok with it all-he was one sad little boy yesterday hearing he is still restricted from any activity-it has been a long 9 months already and then when she started talking about the option  of day surgery and doing the shots in his hip, he lost it and just broke down and cried.  My heart broke for him at the point.  Please pray for his little heart and spirit-he is really sad today-I don't know what quite to do.
Thank you for lifting us up in prayer again.  I was not expecting our appointment to go that way at all yesterday-I was worried about still being restricted and what that would mean for him (which we still are) but not thinking they would say one of the cysts had come back. So we are still in shock a little and processing it all and what it might mean for him in the future.
Weary yet thankful I serve a God that is bigger than all of this!



Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh Jill...I am just stunned, as I know you were, but I also go back to my comment yesterday, something that stirred deep in my would be spring!
I am praying with you, in total agreement and standing with you for his healing. Praying for you and standing against any lies of the enemy...praying your son will walk this out with patience knowing the Lord loves him.

I really want to say, so, so sorry you are on this journey and really holding you close in my mommy heart!!!

I will hug you in person the end of this month!!! If you ever come back to the doctor in Ft Worth and want a friend to be there...I will come and wait in the waiting room and pray....

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh Jill~
YES...i will be joining you with MUCH..MUCH prayer.

Just like you were told..."You know he is still the same boy leaving here as he was coming in here"...the same holds true for Jesus.

He is the same Jesus who walked into the dr. with you as when you walked out and he WILL remain the same Jesus with each step you take.

Praying that the peace of God which PASSETH all yours today..and in the days ahead.

Love ya.

cooperkelly4 said...

praying and standing with you. Kelly