Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011!

I really can't believe that as I sit here and type this post that in less than 4 hours it will be the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011!  Where has the time gone?  This year has flown by with a few bumps in the road but mostly a bunch of blessings that I am so grateful for.
As I sit here and reflect on what God has done for not only me but my family over this past year I am truly humbled once again at His great love for us in not only the big picture items of our life but even the every day little details of my lives.
We had some really scary moments this past year, ones that would bring me to me knees more than once to cry out for grace and mercy from my Heavenly Father-things that would help me to grow stronger in my faith.  Things like not knowing if the tumors growing in my 6 year old baby boy, Brandon's hip were cancerous or not and knowing all he would have to endure with surgery and a long recovery time that we are still going through-yet God was faithful to answer that prayers of many who approached his throne on our behalf-praying that they would not be cancerous and they weren't-PTL!  Even his recovery (and the process he is still going through still) could have been so much worse and I am made aware of that every time we have to sit in the cancer unit to see his Dr. at Cook's and I am also very humbled with every visit that we did not have to travel that road and yet so many people do.  At times I even feel guilty that is wasn't us as so many parents sit around us wishing a praying that their children weren't enduring what they are.
Other things like my sister-still recovering from an abdominal aneurysm that really should have taken her life and then having to have surgery to remove a foot of her colon this last year due to damage from all the blood in her stomach that her body tried to absorb after it ruptured.  She is doing rather well these days and God has been so faithful to her through it all-His hand prints are all over her life and she is a walking testimony to His faithfulness, grace, love, and mercy.  I am excited to see what else He has planned for her life.
My grandma passing away is October at the age of 96 is still a bitter sweet thing-she had seen so many things change over the last 96 years-it was always amazing to me to here her talk about things from back in "her day" she was an amazing women and I miss her tender heart, her smile, her laugh, her love for me, yet I know she is whole and happy and in heaven with my grandpa after 23 years of being apart they were able to see each other again and my uncle Joe-her son-and my two babies there and my sweet hubby's mom and so many others awaiting her entrance into the arms on our Heavenly Father.  Some day I too will be there (and if they is a piano there-grandma will still be playing hymns by ear there too.)
How I miss her-but how glad I am that she is happy and whole again and I wouldn't change that.
This year has been a great year of other blessings too-like stepping down from my job at the church to homeschool Alyssa, our oldest daughter who was struggling in public school.  It hasn't always been easy this first year and I already see things I will change for next year but I am so thankful for this time.
For our new kitty (I know it seems silly) but he is such a fun cat and we love him and are thankful for him to be a new member of the Jones clan (the verdict is still out with our other kitty if that was a good idea or not. lol He is growing on her.)
My new business venture"SIMPLE DELIGHTS"  haven't broken any business records yet but it has been fun so far and I am enjoying what God is doing with it all and looking forward to 2011 to see where else it might lead.
Last but not least-my friends that I have gotten to know through this world of blogging.  Some of you I have followed since I first started blogging-so many of you I came to know, love and appreciate so much through your love and prayers for my Brandon and other issues.  God is so good to bring us people in our lives, to touch are hearts, even if it can only be through prayer in such a tremendous way!!  I am so thankful for you all-I look forward to hearing more about your lives in 2011 and hopefully even getting to meet some of you along the way-I feel like I already know so many of your already-I talk about your posts and your lives and your families to my hubby like you live next door. smile (he thinks I am crazy I think-he just asked me how everything was in cyber space?! lol)
Thank you for your prayers, your love, your support and your sweet words of encouragement!
I pray for each of you that 2011 is a year full of blessings, of encouragement and growing in your walk with Christ. I pray that your pathway like mine, no matter what we must walk through, that we grow closer to HIM-
Blessings for 2011!
Happy New Year!!!

All of us yesterday at Six Flags using our last day of our 2010 passes!  Fun had by all.


cooperkelly4 said...

A blessed year indeed! =0)Happy New Year!

Trisha said...

Beautiful pictures, Jill! What a wonderful testimony of God's goodness to you and your family throughout the year. Happy New Year!