Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Gold Canyon has some great deals and really neat things for Christmas this year for you or someone you need to get a gift for.  I love their candles-they is why I signed up to sell them two years ago.  I buy and burn nothing else in my house-great prices and really great candles that burn all the way to the bottom where you can see the wicks. Great cleaning products too-I clean a house every other Friday for a girl from our church and I use these because they not only smell wonderful, but they are 100% natural too!
Here is my web site if you are interested in checking my site out can shop online (don't have to leave your home) and they will ship directly to your door too.
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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I will check it out....great picture....I am going to try to get our whole gang together on Saturday...we will see how it gets funny to hear all those 20plus year olds complain over having their picture taken...and yet they post on face book daily!! Oh, my!!
You all are beautiful!!! A lovely family!!
And you are have made it to December in your home schooling...applaud, applaud!!!