Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please pray for the Flemmings!!! Today

I am asking that as you go before the throne of our Heavenly Father today you would remember a very special family from our Sunday School class, the Flemmings, especially their sweet 8 year old son REX today.  We have only been at our new church for about 5 months, and we do not even know the Flemmings that well yet, but from the time I have had to be around them they are such sweet people, with such a great love for the Lord, that I wanted to bring this to you to pray for them.

I ask you to pray for them today because for the past few months their 8 year old son had been experiencing headaches off and on.  They believed them to be migraines and were treating him for that.
Monday of last week, while at school, he started with a headache that was so severe he starting throwing up 4 times, they called his mom, who came to get him and took him to his Dr. (who is also our Dr. here and is a wonderful godly man that also goes to our church.)  He did not like what he saw and sent him on to Dr. Teaque, and eye Dr. (also from our church) who really didn't like what he was seeing and sent him straight to Hendricks (one of our local hospitals) to have and MRI done.

The results are not good-Rex and his family were told that day something that would forever change their lives, no matter what the outcome is.  Rex has a 2 inch by 1 inch tumor on his brain.  It was causing the pain and pressure and fluid to build up on his eye and his brain.   They were sent to Children's the very next day to meet with a board of Dr.'s to see where they would go from there.

Today, Rex is undergoing surgery, and as I write this I find myself to be overcome with emotion.  I am amazed that we can feel so strongly connected to people we barely know because we have the same FATHER, that bond you can have with people because we all have accepted Jesus as our Savior and He makes us one in Him.   It has also brought back a flood of emotions from 7 months ago when we were visiting with the Dr.'s at Children's about our own Brandon's hip and not knowing if the tumors in his hip were cancerous or not and then a week later facing major surgery that has forever changed our lives as well.  I will never take for granted that I have been so blessed with basically healthy children.
Had Brandon's turned out to be cancer we would be walking down a totally different road right now, that he will have issues with his hip his whole life, maybe ever more than one more surgery, but that he can live with that and that God is so good and so mighty.

When we go for appointments at Children's, since our Dr. deals with not only bones-but bone cancer and we had to see her first to rule out cancer, (even when it wasn't she did our surgery,) so we see her every time we return. We sit in the unit with many children who are now facing cancer, it makes me often feel a little guilty almost.  I find myself truly humbled, and grateful, and yet sitting there I often question, why not us, why them.  I cry every time I am up there, some from relief, some from being grateful, some from just plain sadness for what these little children are going through-and what their parents are going through too.

They will not know until they remove the tumor today what they are dealing with on Rex.  They will send it off to be tested and they will have to wait and see.  Even if it is not cancer-they are asking for prayers for, first that it isn't cancerous, but second that they could remove it all so that it doesn't cause further problems, and third that in doing so it doesn't cause more problems to his brain and body.

The surgery started at our time 7am (central) and will go till at least 4pm they thought.  PLEASE UPLIFT THE DR'S DOING THE SURGERY RIGHT NOW-REX-AND HIS FAMILY.
I know they told us Brandon's surgery would be about 3 hours-it turned into 5 and it was so hard to sit in the waiting room that long not knowing the outcome of my sweet boys life.
Today, no matter what the outcome is it will change all of their lives forever.  I am so glad He sees the bigger picture and holds our future in His hands.  Praying for God to get all the glory.

The parents wrote the most beautiful e-mail to our class thanking us for their prayers and stating that Rex had asked Jesus in his heart last year-no matter what today brings they do have a peace and a hope that passes all understanding because of that.
Thank you for praying for them.  God still does miracles and I know where two or more are gathered-HE IS THERE ALSO!
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Gretta said...

Praying for this family ~ for strength, peace, hope and that they may feel the presence of Jesus and those that love them and are praying for them enveloping them all throughout the day! We are a family that believe in medical miracles and have seen them first hand in our own lives. We will be in prayer for this family today.

Janet said...


I am praying for Rex today and his family. Our heavenly Father is with the family today as they go down this path. Please keep me updated.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

YES, I'll be joining you with MUCH...MUCH..prayer for this dear, precious family.

These types of things are SO very hard to understand. I'll be praying specifically that the peace which passeth ALL understanding be with this family today. And as they sit and wait...and wait...and wait...that they will be mindful that what they are facing has NOT caught God by surprise. He's the same God who walked with them a month ago, as he is today as he sits with them in the waiting room, and he's the same God who will walk the road that will be set before them based on the results of the surgery.

This truly touches my heart deeply, as a dear friend of mine, just lost her husband to a brain tumor a week before Thanksgiving.

Please update when you are able.

Gripping the hem of his garment on behalf of this family.


Dogmom Diva said...

Jill...prayers for this sweet boy and his family..have you heard any updates??