Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two down with the FLU! Change that 3 down now!

Well-I took Analeigh to the Dr.  on Monday and they couldn't find anything but high fever and cough-I wanted them to test her for the FLU-they said she wasn't sick enough.  So I brought her home and see got really bad during the night-croup cough and 103 fever and just miserable.  Scared me, she has never been quite this sick.  Brandon then woke up at 3am and had 101.8 fever and cough, so I had to break the bad news to him and tell him we would have to cancel his appointment to Cook's Children's Hospital today for the check on his hip especially since we still have to go to the cancer unit and sit there with all those children doing chemo.
He cried and cried-he wanted so bad to go today and get told, he hoped, that he would get told he could now have the freedom to run and jump and play and be a little boy again-it has been a long 8 months for him (for us too.)   But now we can't get in till Jan. 5th so please pray for him-he has a very sad heart and spirit today.  Thanks.
So, we went back to the Dr. today and I insisted that we get tested for the flu-it came back positive for Flu B on both kids-so  they are on Tamiflu.  Brandon seems pretty good-this is his first day and so we are catching it early and hopefully he will feel better by tomorrow.  Analeigh on the other hand is really sick, she has had it for 2 days already though and so her cough and fever are really bad. She is miserable and my heart breaks for her.  She is normally so happy and she is sad and crying over every little thing.  My poor baby.
Pray for us please-Alyssa is hiding out in her praying she will not get it-not likely but maybe.
We think Derek may already have had it he wasn't well over the weekend and has a really icky cough but he had to go the whole weekend and when I called on Monday they didn't think it was that so we didn't take him in-still has his cough but no fever so he has gone to school-if he has it or had it, it didn't hit him as bad.  If he hasn't had it yuck he may get it and be miserable because he is still coughing from this weekend.
I have our Adult Choir Christmas program this weekend too-hoping I don't get it too.
I dislike winter for this very reason.
Praying for sleep, haven't had but 5 hours the last 3 days. So I am not sure if I am just tired tonight or sick.  We will wait and see. Well since I posted this the first time about 5 hours ago-Alyssa has now starting running fever and is coughing-call into the Dr. -told me to give her a dose of Brandon's meds for tonight same dose-and call in the am to get her started on her own.  If you could see me-I am crying at this point. sigh
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BARBIE said...

Oh Jill, my heart hurts for your children. I am thankful they did the tests and got the diagnosis and hopefully in a few days they will be feeling better. Praying for strength for you in all that you have to do.

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh Jill I will send prayers that you are all well and on the mend soon..It's so hard with a house full to NOT get sick..


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So, so sorry...been praying for you! Blessings and healing in Jesus name. May you have strength in this journey and Praise God it is temporary!!
I wish I was close enough to bring you a meal and lift some of the know I am praying!