Monday, March 22, 2010


I was recently on a few blogs that I follow on a regular basis and they had done in one form or another a list of things they were "THANKFUL" for.  I  keep a journal and put my "praises" and "thankful" things in it daily but I thought it might be fun to ask my family about what they are thankful for too-so here are the 

Things We are THANKFUL for!

Alyssa (our oldest daughter-age 11)
1. My Family
2. Our Pets
3. Our House
4. Food 
( this made me laugh-because she is a PICKY eater!)
5. My Friends
6. The Park
7. Our Cars
8. Stores to shop in
9. Going on trips
10. My School
11.  Bonus-Our Church

Derek ( our 8 year old)

1. God
2.  My Family
3. Our Pets
4. My D.S.
5. FUN
6. The TV
7. My Special Gifts God gave Me
8. My Church
9. Good Times
10.  Things that make Me happy

Brandon ( our full of life 6 year old)
(He really took awhile and thought about his answers-
he is a pill put he has a heart the loves deeply)

1. Having Fun
2. Having Life
3. Chocolate Bars (takes after his mama)
4. My Friends
5. My Family
6. God
7. The Bible & Daddy reading it to Me
8. My Church
9. My School
10. Heaven 

Analeigh-just turned 2
( I had to help her a bit-but this is what we got)

1. Her blankies-we sleep with about 8
2. Her paci-we still have it to sleep with (hopefully gone soon)
3. Her Bubby-Sissy & Brany
4. Her Mommy and Daddy
5. Zippy-Dollie and Kitty (her pets)
6. Her Gumby Toys
7. Her Happy Day ( what she calls her birthday)
8. Her Crocs or any shoe (she loves shoes-like her mama)
9. Calliou
10. Music (she loves to sing and dance)
(I am not telling how old I turned in Dec. didn't like this one)
Ok, I had to do 20-it was too hard to do just 10

1. My salvation and what that really means in my life
2. My 6 children-the 4 God blessed me with here and the 2 in Heaven
3. My Godly Husband-who truly is the other half of my heart
4. The sound of the ocean-the sand beneath my feet and the sun on my face
5. Spring when everything is new again and beautiful
6. Chocolate!
7. Music and worship through music
8. Children Laughing-Babies Giggling
9. The first time one of my babies tells me they love me
10. Second chances 
11. My mom-dad-sister-grandma (who will be 96 in a few weeks)
12. My Friends 
13. Summer Time and no schedule
14. Changes of the seasons
15. That God never gives up on me!
16. For both the mountains and valleys my life
(without both I wouldn't be who I am today)
17. Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies-or Hot Fresh Bread
18. Clean sheets and a freshly made bed
19. My church families ( I have lived a few places so I have had a few-they all hold a dear place in my heart)
20. Being Pregnant & Giving Birth 
(I know it seems a little weird-but I love having babies-I have easy pregnancies and fast, easy deliveries and every time I am amazed at the miracle of life-I am sad that part of my life is over now-but so blessed to have 4 beautiful kids)
My Hubby Mike 
(he doesn't want me to tell his age either I am sure!)
1. My Wife (good answer-lol)
2. My Children
3. My Dad
4. My Friends
5. My House
6. My Cars
7. My Job
8. My Health
9. The Constitution of the US (wish it was being followed)
10. Jesus-my salvation-that He Holds the Future

That is our "TOP TEN"  (or 20)
I am glad we did this-we truly are blessed and have so much to be "THANKFUL" for every day.

On My Pathway to Purpose

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