Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simplifying For Sanity Room 1

For those of you who follow Lynnette's blog she has started a new blog thing this week called "Simplifying For Sanity" (there is a button on my blog off to the right to click on that will take you to not only this but her beautiful blog as well-get out the tissue cause you will cry and be inspired to your heart's content and you will laugh so hard you will cry as well so get your tissues!)

Anyhow-the first room we were to simplify was either a bedroom (on boy do I have too many of those to do right now) or the living room-so guess which one I chose?  The living room although it is harder in some ways-because it is smack dab in the middle of the house-it is the hub so you really go through it to get to most of the rooms in the house which means many times a day that carpet sees many dirty shoes, dog and cat paw prints, and things dripping from a baby's sippy cup.  

We live in there and the carpet shows it more times than I would like-I am kind of a freak when it come to the carpet actually-I own a carpet cleaner but one of the most recent times our big, back yard dog decided it was too cold outside and needed to come into the garage for the night she decided her diet was apparently lacking in wire and chewed the cord!  

While today guess what-I went on a hunt with all for kids (while dad had to go to work to finish up all the graphic design material (letter head-cards-brochures-on so on) to go to the printer this week so they can be finished for this big Missions Kick-off we are doing at church) to buy a new carpet cleaner.   We are wanting to try and raise 5 million dollars for missions and my husband (since he teaches and does graphic design) is in charge of all that and had to work today.  Not that I had extra money really to buy a new carpet cleaner but I really don't have the money to replace the carpet either, so the lesser of two evils was to get a CHEAP new cleaner and come home after dusting, sweeping, straightening and throwing away was to clean the carpets-I love clean carpets.

Well, I found a cleaner at KOHLS for $89.00 on sale and it is much smaller and lighter than my old one so I am glad of that.  Got home and started cleaning-dad took a break and took the kids to the $1.00 theater and I put Analeigh down for a nap and cleaned to my heart's content.  It doesn't look a ton different but it sure smells great-sorry no smell button on here!  Best of all I know it is clean-even if only for a few hours and that makes me happy.
I thought I would post a few before and after pictures.
These are actually way before-when we were looking to buy the house-I thought it might be fun to show you how it looked before we moved in too.  
This whole house was white-not that I am against white really but I am a color girl-maybe cause white shows the dirt even more and with 4 little kids not looking to show anymore dirt than we already do-or it sometimes reminds me of a hospital too-so my house has lots of color.  So here goes with the really before shots.

So those were when we were putting in an offer on our house-PJ days (stands for Pre-Jones days.)

Here is what is looks like now before I started cleaning-you will see the spots on the carpet and why I needed to buy a new carpet cleaner.

So these are the before shots with finger prints on the walls-a few spots and chips off of paint, spots on the carpet and dust every where!  Boy do we get dust here in West TX! As you can see I have added a little color to the room as well. 
A few too many magazines.  I will be getting rid of some of those and clipping out stuff I want to keep from others, cleaning the carpet and dusting and fixing the chips, and scraps on the wall with a little paint and cleaning the spots off with a little cleaner.  Next should be the after shots-so here goes! 
Here is what it took to do most of the hard cleaning in this room -the carpets!

Here is an after shot-look at the fresh clean carpet!  Yeah!!
Here are those magazine baskets after all cleaned out!

Funny-while I was simplifying my magazines I found a few I thought I would show you-seems like others may have this issue and need to simplify as well-what do you think?

Well that is it for now!  Happy cleaning and simplifying-I am glad I did!

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cooperkelly4 said...

What a nice family photo! It is so rewarding spring cleaning. I keep meaning to get to that. lol. I am feeling a little inspired by your family room and the weather here in NM is so nice. It makes me want to open the windows. =0)

JillAileenJones said...

Where are you in NM? We go once a year to Glorieta for Music Week. WE love it there.
I started spring cleaning cause of Lynnette's blog "Simplifying For Sanity" thought it might be fun plus keep me motivated! lol
Your family is just precious too.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

cooperkelly4 said...

Good old Albuquerque. We moved here to start a church that ministers to college students. (UNM) I love NM, but not the windy season (which is now.) On the other hand, my first spring flowers are blooming. I was just thinking it might be fun to take a picture of them. I don't usually blog much, but it has been fun these past few days. =0) Kelly

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hey, looks great!!! Didn't really look bad before, but I know how much better you must feel to get it all organized according to your liking. :)

I finally have my post up - so don't forget to link up!

Good job!

Baby Mama said...

i love the feeling of a freshly cleaned room!

i just want to say thank you so much for your thoughtful, loving, and godly response on my blog. it really touched me and it is so beautiful when God speaks to me through His people!!

Barbie said...

Looks wonderful. I could hardly tell what needed to be done in the before pictures. Wish my before pics could look like yours! Blessings!

Jenilee said...

Great job simplifying! Our carpets are do to be cleaned too... a man in our church does them though. isn't keeping up with magazines a job! they only come once a month but they add up quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

I lOVE living simply. We try and declutter often.