Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Things That Caught My Eye

I love photos-I have photo albums full of them and boxes full of them waiting to be scrap booked some day-I love to capture anything and everything-mostly my family.  My sweet husband got my a new digital Cannon SLR camera for christmas and I love it.  I have taken a few classes-but I still don't much (when my kids are bigger I hope to take a few courses at Hardin Simmons where my husband teaches)-I would love to be as good and some of the blogs I follow-that is a dream! But I thought I would share these anyways.

This photo I took while we were in the car driving on the highway somewhere between NY and Texas.  I thought that one cloud in the back round looked like a cross.  I just loved it.

A random house in Abilene(actually I think the have now made it into a museum in town.  It is fun to drive by and see.  Nothing like an outhouse and rail road crossing sign in your front yard-or your neighbor's front yard for that matter!

This is a church in down town Abilene-it is really interesting-I want to see the inside some time.

When you enter a section on down town Abilene-near where I have to drive past to go to work at our church.

The bell tower at our church.

            The pipes to the organ in our church.

One of the stain glass windows above the baptismal in our church.

Just thought he was cute!  A llama at Round Up Sunday-we do this every August the last Sunday of the month-we all wear western clothes (it is a Texas thing-I know just a little strange for a NY girl) and have a huge barbeque dinner and there are games and animals to feed and pet and all sorts of things!

Where my husband teaches at Hardin Simmons University.

I have always loved the sky but since we have moved to West Texas where we have no real mountains-not many trees-and the landscaping gets burnt by the blazing sun half of the year-you learn to really love the big open sky and huge puffy clouds-I love to take pictures of it.

This is one of my friend's daughter and her new husband-I took photos for them for their Christmas Eve wedding.

Random shots of nature

My favorite animal.

Analeigh at the Zoo-sporting her favorite shades.

Brandon facing defeat after his snowman fell over!

Alyssa watching from inside the house while Analeigh and the boys were building snowman on the outside.  I was taking Alyssa's picture and the reflection on the window caught Analeigh. Thought it was fun.

Daddy Daughter Dance this year 2010 for Valentine's Day-they have done this every year since we moved here 4 years ago.

This summer July 09-My Grandma (who will soon be turning 96) and Analeigh.  4 generations and 94 years apart!  She ran to my grandma and hugged her all on her own-it melted my heart-I was so excited I had my camera out.


The Kirk Fam said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement and for even taking the time to read a bit of my blog. I am so new to this whole blogging thing and unlike you, I wish I had lots of albums filled with photos. Life always seems to full and when I found blogging, I realized taking a bit of time to record some thoughts and add a few photos, was a bit like doing the scrap booking I never found the time for! I will look forward to reading and enjoying your blog!
Grace to you,

JillAileenJones said...

I love to scrapbook but with the addition of each child I seem to be able to do that less and less too. I keep buying things thinking some day I will do it again. That is why I love blogging too. Plus it is so much fun to get on here and read other peoples stories and make friends-so many of the blogs I have found on here all have so many common threads-the most important one being a relationship with Christ. I think it is so neat to be able to meet people all over the world on here and be able to pray for them and become friends through this avenue. My family lives in western NY so we go through Ohio when we travel home.
Thanks for stopping by-I am excited to keep in touch with you and learn more about your journey that God is leading you on with this new blessing.
Have a great night and a blessed weekend.
In Him