Monday, March 15, 2010

In my spare time

I wish I had artistic talent like my husband-I could sit and watch him paint or draw or design something for hours.  I really envy that kind of talent.  God did not gift me with such talent (thankfully all of my kids so far take more after their daddy in that area among many other good qualities.)  I do like to create things in my spare time. (lol)  It is actually something I do when I am not at work doing my part time job at the church as the Children's Choir Coordinator-during Analeigh's nap time or after everyone has gone to bed.  I enjoy coming up with ideas for things I can use, wear, or hang in my house-from things I may already have some of the stuff around my house.
My most recent thing to start on has been these wall hanging made out of hymns I have made look old and then backed with different paper and then I make crosses to go across the front and then I put jewels on them.  It started because a great friend of mine (from when we both lived in AR-I am now in TX and she is AZ) recently lost her mother to cancer and her favorite hymn she wanted sung at her funeral was "I'll Fly Away"  it made me think-what could I do with that to make something for Melinda to put up in her home somewhere that would bring happy memories of her mom when she saw it.  This is what I came up with and since then I  have made 7 more for people in my church that wanted to buy them.  It has been fun.

Another thing I like doing and have
done for tons of babies in my mom's church
back home in NY and a few other places and my church for baby showers is making matching silkies and baby bibs with the baby's name on them.  I have a machine that embroiders -FUN!

I also love to make necklaces out of things like
washers and dominos-here are some of the ones I made for
Christmas presents and for special orders for people and businesses.
I made 14 of the Nutcracker ones that they sold at the performance of the Nutcracker
here in town-that was fun.


I take paint buckets and decorate them for the holidays and put cookies or other thing in them-themes for like movie night or something girly for a party-or baby with baby stuff for showers.  They have been fun to do too.

I have also done these casserole covers for my mom, sister and a few friends-they are great to keep these warm to take to church suppers!

 This necklace is made from 2 dominos glued together-Alyssa (my 11 yr. old) and I worked on these today since it rained-they are on Spring Break and my washer and dishwasher over flowed and the plumber couldn't come till tomorrow so we did this for fun today.

I do make pieces that aren't from washers or dominos too-lol!  Here is one.

Happy Crafting-


Anonymous said...

You are so talented! I love the earrings!

JillAileenJones said...

Thanks so much-your are too sweet.
I like to do things that are crafty in my spare time-lol!
No really I do like to do things to unwind after my kids have gone to bed or when they are playing with dad or something-gives me a little me time.