Friday, December 9, 2011

Please pray for Rex Fleming

About a year ago I came and asked that you would pray for Rex-a nine year old boy that goes to our church.  He had been having headaches and throwing up with them and the school called one day and said he was really ill.  His mom picked him up and took him to our Dr, Rob Wiley (who goes to our church) and he didn't like the way his eye looked, sent him on to Dr. Teaque, an eye Dr. that goes to our church too and he sent him on to get a CAT scan which showed what they all feared, a brain tumor.
Within a very short time they were at Cook's Children's Hospital having brain surgery to remove the tumor and then chemo and radiation. After his treatments he was declared cancer free.

About a two months ago he went for a normal scan and they saw a tiny spot that hadn't been there since all of his treatments were finished.  They waited a few weeks and had him go for another scan to see if it had grown and if it had what they would do.  Well, they went back and it had grown, so there plan of attack is surgery once again and that surgery is today, write now as I am typing this.

Please, I come to you once again asking that you would lift this family up in your prayers.  Going through this once is more than any parent wants to go through, twice seems almost unbearable.  Last year the tumor was a cancerous tumor inside a non-canerous tumor, it was the size of a golf ball.  Today's tumor is the size of a grain of rice they say-tiny but if cancerous, just as dangerous.  This tumor has attached to some blood vessels as well so it is making this surgery very dangerous.  He could have a stroke, or many complications from the surgery.
I just ask in your prayer time today that you would lift them up-Rex is scared-he has been down this road at 9 and now at 10 he knows what is in store and he is scared.  I also ask that you would pray that the tumor would not be cancerous-I know our God can do that.

Last please pray for his sweet mama and daddy, they are in our SS class, a neat couple.  He is at ACU here and his wife is our church secretary.  They have a little girl that is 5 or 6 I think and they just had a baby boy about 6 weeks ago.  A lot has happened in their lives this past year.  They just need to be surrounded in pray-to feel God's peace and presence like never before today.
Thank you all for being my prayer support group! :) I know I come here a lot to ask you for that-but I believe in the power of prayer-I have seen the miracles that happen when two or more are gathered in His name.
Thank you from not only me but I know from the Flemings-they couldn't get through this all if people weren't lifting them up in prayer.
I cherish each of  you-love you-and I am so thankful for you!

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Maryann said...

Joining you in prayer

cooperkelly4 said...

Praying here!!!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I'll be praying sweet friend.

For God's hands to guide the surgeon...for peace for Mamma and Daddy....and for strength for the road they are asked to walk.

I'm so thankful that even thought situations changes...HE remains the same.


Janet said...

I just lifted his name to Lord and will continue to pray.

Janet Cowan