Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Sister Jackie's PET Scan-Please Pray

When we were at Disney in 2007-My sister Jackie being silly!

My sister Jackie has had so many health issues all through her life, (but as of two and a half years ago when she survived an abdominal aneurysm rupturing and not receiving surgery till 6 hours after the fact) her health issues have been worse.   She has had blood clots, swelling, problems with her intestines (that required another surgery) sugar issues, you name it, it seems like she has experienced it and the Dr.'s don't know really what to expect and what might happen since they have never had someone as young as my sister experience an aneurysm rupturing and surviving it.

The latest issue was about three months ago she went to a new Dr. that wanted to do a total work up on her to see why she was swelling so bad. During a CAT scan they found two spots in the areas she had to have surgery so they thought they were probably scar tissue but wanted her to return in 3 months (which was 3 weeks ago) to see if they still looked the same.  They did not-they have both grown a small amount.  Since my sister is pretty fragile from all that has happened to her body, they do not want to just go in and open her up to do surgery, they are not sure she would make it through it to be honest.  So she is scheduled at 3:00 pm today, 12-15-2011, for a PET scan to rule out that these spots are not cancerous.

To say I am ok with all of this would be a lie,  I know that ultimately this is all God's plan, but there is a part of me that is really struggling with this.  My sister has struggled her whole life with her health.  She has never married and just had her 45th birthday this month, she never had kids because she never got married and had to have a hysterectomy at 40, she always wanted to be married and have children. She has undergone a lot of things in her life that have cause a multitude of health issues and pain, her life has not be easy and a lot of times "joyful" by any means.  She however is one of the strongest Christians I know-she loves God with all her heart, never doubting His plan.

She is my only sibling and although we have lived apart (her in NY and me in AR and TX) for the last 17 years, I love her and would do anything I could to change what she is going through today.
Please pray for her, I am asking that it would not be cancer (I don't think she could make it through chemo and radiation) I am asking God would spare her life, that she would just be healed.  I know I serve a God that is mighty enough to do that if it is the plan He has for her life.  I also know that whatever road we have to walk with this that He is still there with us, still loves us, and still only wants what is best for my sister.  

Today has been a very emotional day for our family, we are 1800 miles away and my parents just moved here to TX for the winter and so they are not there either.  She will be doing these tests alone today-this has been very difficult on my mom as well.  Please pray for her today, no matter how old your babies get they are still your babies.
I have shed many tears this morning already, just clinging to His promises as I type this.
Thank you for praying for my beautiful sister, if you knew her, I promise you would love her too, everyone does that knows her!  She would hug your neck and tell you just how special each of you is and what a wonderful treasure you are in HIM.  
Sometimes things in life just don't seem fair, (and I know we are not promised that) but when I look at all Jackie has gone through and the lives she has touched because of it-I am amazed at how God can turn beauty from ashes, my sister is a walking miracle and she has told anyone she meets about God's grace in her life.  Praying that this is another stepping stone, another part in the journey that will bring God even more glory.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers-
On This Pathway~


Maryann said...

Praying that no cancer would be found, that your sister would feel the presence of the Lord as she goes through the test today, that he would be that shadow at her right hand. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family

Janet said...

I am praying from Oregon!

Blessings & Love
Janet Cowan

Tami said...

I'm praying, sweet friend! Please keep us updated. I'll watch for updates on Twitter too!


cooperkelly4 said...

praying for your sister and family. ♥