Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Jesus It's Your Birthday

 Our kids had their Christmas musical at church last Sunday, it was really great (says this mama of three of the kids in it ) I know what you are thinking but it was really sweet and all the kids that had speaking parts did wonderful.  My Derek had one of the main character parts and I couldn't have been prouder of him, he has come a long way from days when he played a Wise Man and threw his gift at baby Jesus feet and ran, even with Mike (my hubby) laying on his belly behind the manger so that Derek would even walk up on the stage. LOL!  I almost couldn't believe it was the same kid.
One of the best parts of the program was the Angel Choir-(the 3 year olds) and our sweet Analeigh is in that choir.  They sang a song Dear Jesus It's Your Birthday, I love that my kids enjoy being in Choir, Mission Friends, RA's and GA's and that they are learning through song and scripture to hide God's word in their hearts.  I love that we have wonderful teachers that teach them faithfully every Wednesday and Sunday about Jesus and His love for them.  Most of all I love and I am truly grateful that it isn't just something they learn there and forget-it is running through their hearts and minds and they want to sing it and quote it others places.  Analeigh was singing "Dear Jesus" the other morning while eating her breakfast.  That is why her hair is so messy and she is still in her PJ's.  I grabbed the video camera while she was singing (she forgot the ending the words are supposed to be and the gift I have is me) but it still melted my heart and I wanted to share it.
When we got to ballet that day she sang it for Ruth (the business manager that sits up front when you walk in) and a friend of mine that was dropping off her daughter, not a bit afraid-so thankful!!  God is good.
Merry Christmas-I pray that you will sing Happy Birthday to Jesus too.

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cooperkelly4 said...

too cute! I have never heard that song before. I would love to teach it to our kids.

Tami said...

Jill, I read this one last night in bed before falling asleep but my iPhone wouldn't let me comment. Had to say that picturing your son's wise man role from years ago cracked me up! Ha! And your daughter singing is PRECIOUS. What a sweet family you have and it's so fun to hear about their Christmas musical.

Love from NM!