Monday, October 24, 2011

Our trip to the Mary Kay Headquarters

This weekend my husband was sweet enough to allow me to go on an over night trip Friday-Saturday to Dallas to go to my first Go Give Seminar for Mary Kay.  My dear friend Kathryn has been selling MK on the side for about 7 years. Her full time profession is a nurse at a local hospital here but she was finally able to conceive their sweet Paige 3 years ago and she is wanting to be able to stay home with her more, so she has decided to try to make MK her full time job.   
I have had someone trying to get me to sell MK since I was 18 (I have always worn make-up so I think they thought I would be good at it) but it was never the right time until now.   Kathryn approached me about a month ago about wanting to grow her team and wanted to know if I would come aboard as a team member.   I prayed about it and thought why not, I love and use the products already and could get them at a discount and maybe make some extra money at the same time. I am excited about the opportunity it offers, so we will see what happens.

Paula-Me-Kathryn (who I signed up under to sell Mary Kay with) on our way to the Mary Kay Headquarters in
Dallas Texas

This weekend there was a Go Give Training Seminar in Dallas (the headquarters for MK) and since we live only about 3 1/2 hours away we went.  Kathryn had a friend who had bought a ticket before I joined and then couldn't go so I bought her ticket.  We stayed with our Director who lives in Dallas in a beautiful home.  We had such a blessed time of fellowship.  God is always so good to do that for us.  I thought after meeting Helen and staying in her home that even if my time in MK never amounts to more than getting my own make-up at a great deal, meeting Helen and being able not not only call her a friend but sister in Christ was such a blessing.  She is an amazing women of God.  I was so blessed in her home.

                                        Kathryn-Helen and Paula (all beautiful women of God)

One of the reasons I decided to sign up with MK was because their belief in God First, Family Second, Career Third and that was so evident at this seminar this weekend.  It was really an uplifting experience, I was truly blessed.
Inside the Mary Kay building-it is really beautiful.

Me-Kathryn and Paula (she actually was at Women of Joy two weeks ago when I was there which was really neat too) in front of the walls of photos of the National Sales Directors-maybe we will be there one day too. :)

Kathryn outside the MK building.

Paula-outside the MK building

Me being silly outside the MK building-I could almost touch the flag pole top-they were teasing me-always the tall one.

The outside of the front of the MK building-it was gorgeous. Paula and Kathryn

The outside of the front of the MK building-it was gorgeous. Paula and Me

A picture of the whole building from the highway-it is really pretty.

We really had a great time.  I am looking forward to learning and selling more of Mary Kay-they have a great program and great products.  So, if you are interested in anything let me know. :)

It was a great weekend, full of God's blessings, fun, fellowship and yes great food too. (sigh-I wish I didn't like that part so much. :)

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Trisha said...

Dearest Friend,
You picked the perfect picture for your header. It's so precious!!

You seem to be perfect for Mary Kay, and I'll be praying God richly blesses your endeavors. I used to sell it years ago! :) Of course, if I need anything, you'll be my first stop.

Love you dearly!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I am soooooooooo glad you had such a wonderful time. I have been past that building many times. I hope you enjoy your new endeavor and so glad your visit was refreshing and fun.

I think you will do great in Mary get ready for your pink car!

BARBIE said...

Exciting! Back when I sold Mary Kay I attended the conference there in Dallas. It was so much fun! Praying blessings over your business.

Mountain Mama said...

I sold Mary Kay for a second while we were in Abilene. I was not good at it, but my mom was. I pray the Lord grant you success and enjoyment in your work! Do you have a Mary Kay page set up yet? The one thing I love is their lipstick - Mocha Freeze - my favorite all-time color. I've been without it for a good long while now because the friend I bought from stopped selling it - nothing compares for me though. So I'd order some lipstick pronto.

You have beautiful kiddos, Jill! Love that picture up top!

Blessings on you,