Monday, October 10, 2011

Please Keep the Ross Family In Your Prayers

This is the Ross family-a family that we knew from our old church.  This is Kris (mom) and her two sons Halden and Lane and her daughter Sloane on a trip to Hawaii just a couple of weeks ago.  Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago-she had been in remission for a little over two years when a new lump showed up in her neck.  The cancer had returned with a vengeance this time-they have been fighting it for months now with radiation and many kinds of chemo.  She became extremely ill and from all the chemo doing heart and lung damage, she was put in the ICU last week.  I learned early this morning that Kris went home to be with Jesus last night about 9pm.
My heart is very heavy and saddened this morning-not for sweet Kris, she is dancing on the streets of Heaven I think with long flowing hair and hugging her daddy that went home about 5 years ago.  I can imagine them embracing in a huge hug right now and that makes my heart smile, but I am very sad for the wonderful husband and these three precious children of theirs, left behind without their mama and wife.  The grief they are feeling and trying to deal with today and making all of the plans that will happen in the next few days for her "celebration of life"  that will take place soon.
I ask that you would uplift this precious family in prayer, not only will this week be one of the hardest times of their lives, but once everything has settled and life must go on, the every day things like games for the sports they are involved in, Sloane maturing into a young women with her mom their to help her, school events, awards, graduation, weddings, all those things that you want your mama their for, skinned knees, fever, upset bellies, hard days with friends, all those things that even as an adult, I am glad I can call my mom and talk to her about.
Heaven gained a precious soul today, our hearts are heavy because we no longer have her body here with us, but rejoicing that she is beholding the face of Jesus today and hearing "well done my good and faithful servant"  and she is no longer in pain or sick with a terrible illness called cancer.
Please pray that God will comfort this family, wrap His arms around them and hold them close, that they would live with wonderful memories of their wonderful mother.  She loved them with an unconditional love-she was an awesome mama.
Thank you for lifting them and Todd (her husband) and Martha (her mom) up this week before the throne of the One who loves us with a love we can not even fathom.  I know your prayers will sustain them during this very difficult time.

Love you all-thank you for allowing me to come to you and ask for your prayers for a family you have never even met but that God has connected us with through Him.

On this Pathway, heavy hearted but ever grateful for His love and mercy-



Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I'll be praying for this precious family my sweet friend.

Praying for God's peace...and comfort during this most difficult time.

Kristin said...

We will certainly be lifting them up! Thanks for sharing their story and Kris' testimony.

Susan said...

I think a child left without a mother is one of the most hearbreaking events in the life. I will pray for them.