Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

We had rain last night-I mean lots and lots of rain, with lightening and thunder, it was quite a storm.  They said the temperature was going to drop during the night and by morning and that the rain would turn to sleet and snow.  Boy did it ever!  We had 5.5 inches in the front yard this morning, that is where the wind blows some of it away too-it is very windy here today as well.  I didn't measure the back yard but I bet we had between 5-8 inches, the most we have had since living in Texas for 5 years.

Derek and Analeigh in the front room looking at the snow when they first got up-waiting till I said it was warm enough to go out to play!
 My ruler I used to measure how much snow was in the front yard-it blows really bad out there so some may have blown away-but I got 5.5 inches first thing this morning.

Analeigh wiping the water off the front window!

Our back yard-the kiddy car and wagon were filled with snow.

The soccer net and slide and tree house were covered too.

The trampoline was covered and underneath it was the only place where poor Zippy could stand and not have the snow up to her belly. 

So, they cancelled school for not only my boys, but my hubby who teaches at Hardin Simmons University, and so Alyssa and I took off as well.  It was a great day-no schedules, no running errands, no dance or cub scouts, nothing.  We hung out and when it warmed up a little we went out to play.
I was a little nervous about letting Analeigh go out because she and Mike both have a cold again and she has a pretty bad cough going on with her but I couldn't tell her no when every one else was going out to play.  
So we all got bundled up (can anyone else see the scene from the "Christmas Story" movie playing in their head) in the best snow apparel we have for Texans-and headed out to play-it was so cold I think we spent more time getting ready to go out than we were actually out there (maybe 20 minutes the first go around) but it was a fun time had by all-all but my Alyssa-she doesn't really like snow-too cold and she was happier inside watching a movie and drinking cocoa.
We had so much fun making snow angels and building snow forts for super heroes and throwing snow balls-it was fun and cold!
Snow Angels-had a hard time getting up!!! lol

Having fun throwing snow.

Brandon-not too sure if this was worth all the time it took to get ready to go out-cold!

Pretty Snow Princess

Derek proudly snowing me his snow fort.

Sonic in a snow fort.
Derek-running through the front yard.

Brandon falling face first to make a snow angel-crazy I know!

First snow angel-great fun-lots of laughter!

Throwing snow balls.

Just a close up shot of my petty snow princess!

Analeigh throwing a snow ball at me.

Even dad got in on the snow angel making!

Mike getting ready to push Derek down to make a snow angel.

Growing up in the snow my whole life in NY-I am not a snow girl much anymore (16 years living in the South has made me cold blooded-I can't take it anymore) so I went out for a bit and played but I left most of that up to dad while I took some photos I wanted to share.  Mike did take a few of me with the kids, I will share,  but do not laugh-this is why I can not go without bangs- and my makeup was not my top priority since we were out doors playing and the wind and snow drifts were blowing in our faces-so not my greatest look-but we had fun so I didn't care (well that much-I guess I am more vain than I like to think I am!)
Me with the kids-my mom saw this and said where are your gloves?!  Being a mom never ends-funny mom-love you!

Me and the Skwee (Analeigh's nickname) now you know why I wear makeup and bangs-don't look great without either.

Us-minus daddy and Alyssa-she didn't want to be cold.

Another shot-not in the sun so we could open our eyes.

Me and My Sweetie-cold and looking like he was going to rob a bank-that wind was cold.  We had a great time though.

I did make Alyssa go out the second time around to play for at least 5 minutes so I could get photos of her so people would know she still lives with our family. lol
Alyssa and Me-changed coats-our second time out-my first coat was wet.

Trying to make her have fun-we almost both bit the snow!

I even went out to collect up some snow not yet trampled on or run through or anything else by some animal and we brought it in the house and made ice cream-that was really fun and easy-I had never done that with snow before-who knew!
Me trying to be Martha Stewart -collecting snow to make ice cream!

  • Here is the snow-nothing yellow or dirty-I was told by my family-lol

Derek eating his-yummy!

What is looked like after it was done.

All the apparel for 6 of us to go outside and play for about 20 minutes! lol

I must say it takes a lot of time to get all this stuff on 6 people and coming inside all wet-the aftermath is wet and messy-but it was worth it!
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cooperkelly4 said...

you had a day like we did! our university here was canceled too. Same amount of dirty clothes as well! I think you look beautiful. I am with your daughter, I am an inside with the mug of cocoa kinda girl. =0)

JillAileenJones said...

Kelly-you are too kind! I am an inside, cocoa drinking, kind of girl as well, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf-loosen up a bit and make sure my kiddos know that their mom wanted to have fun with them too. It took a lot for me to go out there looking like that in the front yard for all the world to see, but I thought who cares-the wind was blowing so hard you could barely see us! lol I really don't care for the snow much-growing up in it my whole life I am so glad to be away from it-but it is fun when it happens here because it is so rare and when it does happen like this it shuts everything down so we get to have fun.
Hope you had a great day too.
Thanks for your sweet comment!
I am currently doing all that wash as we speak-gee wiz-it takes a lot to go out and have fun! lol
Happy Monday.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh it looks like our house...but less people..we are still stuck inside. It has been fun...I didn't get all the great pictures you got...our wind has been horrible..this morning was 11 degrees!
Oh snow ice cream...we didn't do it this time...and yes, more time spent dressing them, undressing, putting in the dryer than spent outside...we still enjoyed it and will the next couple of days. Great, great pics...now I feel guilty...LOL For this native Texas girl it is always a treat when we have snow.

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Such great pictures of the snowy fun! Looks like you all had a great time. Whereabouts in NY are you from? I grew up outside Syracuse. It is hard to compete with those upstate NY winters!

Much love,

BARBIE said...

Looks like fun was had by all. I am not much of a snow person myself. Much too cold. I would be the one sitting hot cocoa looking out the window!

lioneagle said...

Hi -

What great family photos. I especially like the header one.

Precious shots indeed.