Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jesus welcomed and Angel Home-Six Years Ago

Six years ago, February 9th, we got a phone call that we knew was coming, and actually expected many times before over the years, but still were not prepared for.  Mike's dad had to call to let us know that, his wife and Mike's loving mom had gone home to be with Jesus.
What was a very sad, hard time for us was a glorious time for her.  Mike's mom was diagnosed with a tumor on her pituitary gland when Mike was just five.  Her OBGYN Dr. was the one who was actually suspicious when she had a miscarriage- the headaches she was having and blood work her had done led her to believe something wasn't right.  She was then sent on to a cancer Dr. that confirmed what they thought might be happening.  She had a tumor growing-back then they did not do surgery so they just tried to kill it but only shrunk it with chemo.  It never grew more, but it also never went away and it cause a multitude of other health issues for her over the years which eventually ended up in more than her body could handle and she passed away 6 years ago at the age of 68.
She was a wonderful of God-she had gone to college to be a reading teacher-she only got to do that job a few years when she found out she was sick, started treatment and then had to quite the job she loved so much.  She then started a library at Bethel Bible School-a place where children live in TN when for many reasons (mostly parents in prison ) that children are separated from their families and go there to live.  She had books donated and organized the whole library because she loved reading and believed in the importance of children learning to read, loving to read, and being able to have books of their own to read.   She kept up with that library whenever she felt well enough for years.   She was such a women of God-her tumor caused many other health issues which over the years made her so sick that she basically was home bound except to go the the Dr. or hospital the last few years of her life-yet you never heard her complain.
She told Mike one day-all I ask of God is that he would let me see you get married and have grand babies.  She was pretty sick but she did travel to NY to be at our wedding and then lived ten more years to see all of our children but Analeigh be born.   It made her so happy.  She started buying Dr. Seuss books years before Mike and I ever met for her grandchildren some day and then it led into books of every kind for every stage of their childhood-she stored them in boxes in the guest room under the beds in the basement.  There are still books there and every time we go to visit Papa in TN we get more books that are age appropriate for the kids and bring them home with us which always give us a chance to talk about Nana J and how much she loved them.
I miss her so-she was well enough when Mike and I first started dating, got married and then were pregnant with Alyssa to go places-so we went to buy fabric she loved to sew-and she wanted to make clothes for Alyssa-we also went to shop for strollers and just enjoyed our only really mother and daughter time we had together that she was well enough to do things still.
In the 10 years I got to have my mother-in-love and got to know her, I adored her.  I wished that I still had her here to love and I miss not having a mother in law-(I know some people don't but I really did love and treasure her) we laugh about things that she said and did and I wish my children could have gotten to know her more and love her the way she loved and treasured them-they were all so little they really only have the memories we have told them about.
I know we will be with her again someday-I picture her up there loving and caring for the babies we had that didn't get to be here with us-and drinking tea with my grandma that we just went home in November and just enjoying her time praising Jesus.
I love and miss her lots-this day every year is a little hard for us-she was truly an example of a godly woman and is missed by many.
Just wanted to share a few photos of her from her past.
Mom J when she was 12                    My Alyssa now at 12-Don't they favor each other?

 Mom and Dad J

 One of my favorite photos of mom-I played around with the color on it.

My favorite photo of mom-I played with the color on it too.

 The 1st photo dad ever took of mom.

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cooperkelly4 said...

what a sweet memory of your mother in law. Those pictures are beautiful. Clearly she was beautiful on in spirit as well. Boy, Alyssa sure does look like her. How sweet that you have such precious memories to share with her grandbabies and the book-what a treasure!

Gretta said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother in law! You are so very blessed to have had that kind of relationship with your mother in law. And what an amazing legacy she leaves behind.