Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Car Accident Today

Well, all I can say is Satan is after us for some reason-the last few months we have had our share of bad things happening and after today I just wanted to throw in the white towel and surrender but I am gonna fight instead and just think that God has something mighty planned that he wants us to be a part of instead!
Mike was in a car accident this morning.  It was not good and since he was the one turning into traffic even though the other guy must have been going way over the speed limit-Mike is at fault.  The car is not drivable and we had to have it towed and know nothing at this point about the damage but we are praising God that the kids were not with him and he and the other party are all ok.

The car is a mess and now we are down to one car-but praise God we have rental up to a certain amount on our insurance so we are looking into that currently until we know what will happen with our car.
I know bad things just happen-we live in a world where bad happens to both good and bad people every day and there is no rhyme or reason to it all because we live in a sinful world.  But Satan is having a field day with all of this that has happened the last month and a half and I feel like I am drowning some days.

I had to step down from my job last week since we will be homeschooling Alyssa in the fall and they changed the rules and Analeigh is no longer allowed to come to work with me.  So that income is gone now too.   We started getting Brandon's medical bills for his hip and they are out of this world-now we have the ones that will start from his broken arm that should have never happened.   Everything that was stolen from our car will not be replaced since it is under our home owners insurance and the deductible is higher than the amount of what was stolen.   Our refrigerator died two days ago and we had to go purchase a cheaper new one or lose all our food-I burnt my arm on the stove today-Alyssa fell and has a injured foot.
The list just keeps going on and I am a weary mama-I so need a break some happy news-and yet I almost feel guilty saying that because in all of these circumstance things could have been so worse.

Brandon's hip could have been cancer but it wasn't-his surgery went well and he is recovering-even though the school was at fault with his arm-it could have been worse-it could have required surgery or it could have been his hip.  Alyssa's foot is just sore-a sprain we all think.  The items stolen from the car are in the big picture just "things" and at least it wasn't our home.   Again the car can be fixed or replaced-the kids weren't with Mike and he is fine-just mentally shaken-but he could have been in the hospital or worse even killed and he is fine.  My burnt arm will heal in a day-only second degree and so life is good, God is good, we are good and so blessed.   My human heart is just a little sad today and we are trying so hard to be debt free and give money where it is needed and get ahead to do for others and every time we get two steps ahead, something happens and I feel like we go back 5.

Trying to be thankful and not whine I feel like that is all I have done the last month with my blog-I really am going to make a promise that my next post will be nothing but praise and thankfulness.  I am going to write in my journal right now everything I have to thank God for.
God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Thanks for you letting my cry on your blog shoulders-I needed to vent and my poor hubby just is sad himself today and didn't need to hear this from me!
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Barbie said...

Oh Jill, I am so very sorry. I am thankful your husband and the other party involved are okay. It is so hard to understand when so many things happen to us, all at once, that are bad and just plain not fair. I have no words, but I know that God is for you and not against you. Even in all of this heartache you are experiencing He is with you. I so appreciate your heart for Him. You are sad yes, but you are thankful still. That is amazing. He is truly your JOY, even in the midst of all of this. Keep your eyes fixed on HIM! Praying for you!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So eyes hurt from crying today over what my son it going through, then I picked up a devotional by John Piper and it talked about how you look at things will change things. You listed the other side of each of these events...I have listed my gratefulness today also, my son didn't die from his fall...he is going to be okay, even if we don't have answers...and even though we don't have medical insurance, God is our provision.

I then picked up a book and in it was a little boy with no arms smiling from ear to ear while playing baseball. He had the baseball bat tucked under his chin. Wow I said to the Lord...I will praise you through the storms and smile at the future because you are with us.

Blessings...have a good cry, curl up and let the Father hold you and reassure you of His plans for your life...Jer 29:11

Praying with the song on your blog says,

Darlene said...

praying for you today...

Trisha said...

How overwhelming all of these events must be! I'm so sorry the weariness is so heavy right now, and I'm praying God will fill your heart with His peace that passes all understanding. God is sovereign and is working all of this for good even though it's so hard to see or feel in the midst of the trials. I'm praying for you and your family. May you keep your eyes fixed on Him and His goodness and mercy. Many hugs sent your way.

Carrie said...

Sometimes I wonder why God's people seem to be hit the hardest. I know He's got a plan. I know that trials are a part of it all somehow. They build our faith, they build our strength, and they are what make our testimonies powerful. I am going through similar trials, very similar. While storms rage, I still see all the wonders around me that cause me to be ever grateful. I know things will work themselves out. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Jo said...

Hi - I am new, visiting from Trisha blog.

It doesn't sound like Satan is after you, its more like God is taking you through a bumpy spot to help you grow in his trust and to place your faith 100% with Him.

With all the things that happened (big or small), He was always with you and never left you alone. "Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go" (Genesis 28:15). When you look back you will realise it all had a reason, which is often hard to see when in the middle of a storm.

Praying that good things start happening. You look like such a beautiful family - that is one good thing:)

God Bless

Jo said...
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Bethany said...

I can definitely relate. I've been at that point before where it seems we've completely hit bottom, and it can be so frustrating. Especially with our finances. Medical bills are definitely not cheap, but what can you do, deny your child care? Just let the Lord renew your strength each and every day and you will get through victorious!! Remember, God works all things together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So somehow, God will use these circumstances for His glory. :)

On a side note, I can totally see the resemblance between our girls! How funny that your husband thought it was a picture of Analeigh! I remember your pics in the wildflowers-they were beautiful! We were a little late, so we missed out on the best bloom of the blue bonnets :( Maybe next year!!

Praying for you friend!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Jill, I just saw this..oh I am sorry but so glad no one hurt..Cars are cars and can be replaced. I don't know why everything seems to go wrong at the same time, but it does! I love how you turned it around and named out the good things too..sometimes we forget the good, the bad seems so overwhelming..
We are all having a tough time Jill, I don't know anyone in our circle that isnt. Hang in there, and venting is good! I'm a good listener if you want to email me!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

This is my first time stopping by, and what a beautiful blog you have.

Know that I'll be praying for you as you face these situations that want to rock your world.

The one thing I've been learning ever so sweetly is that NOTHING that happens in our life..surprises God, and nor is he sitting in heaven...wondering what to do.

He had a plan...and he will see you through.

God is truly a faithful God..and in the midst of uncertain times...we can always see his fingerprints in our lives.

Know that I'll be praying for you and yoru

Gripping the hem of his garment on your behalf