Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Electric!-

My office-a little tiny room off of our bedroom that was a perfect nursery for Analeigh until about 2 months ago when we moved Alyssa into the old office (a spare bedroom)-Analeigh into Alyssa's old room and the office into the tiny room off of our bedroom which used to be Analeigh's nursery-had an issue with the light/fan today.
I was gone shopping all day yesterday with my good friend Donna in Weatherford Texas ( It was so much fun-my sweet Mike kept all the kiddos and she and I went all day without any children-I can't remember the last time I did that.)  Anyways-when I left yesterday morning the light and fan in my office worked-but this morning when I went in there to work on my office and clean it up a bit-no light.  I went to the wall and turned it off and on-then to the fan itself and turned it off and on-still no light.  Bummed, I called my dad (who God willing if everything goes well with my sister's surgery on the 30th-on her colon-they will be leaving on the 1st to come and spend the month of July with us(since we only get to see them once a year) he told me if I could wait two more weeks they would be here and he would fix what ever was wrong.  One of the many things he is is an electrician-but I couldn't go two weeks without the light in there-it is a room between two rooms and so there are no windows so without the light it is dark as a cave in there-great for sleeping not so much so for working! lol
I went on to explain what it was or I guess I should say not doing and dad told me it sounded like it might be that the switch had gone bad.   So while at Wal-mart I got a new switch, came home shut off the electric and tried to put the new one on with no success.
The holes on the back where the wire went were too small-even though it was the same size.   So I went to Lowe's this time.  Found a gentleman and told him my predicament and he then told me that they don't make the switches to fit the size wire I have any more and I would have to buy a wire stripper-strip the wire and then coil it around the screws on the side and screw it on and then put it back in the wall and screw it in there.   So, I bought the wire stripper, the switch and headed home.
I shut off the power again and went to work with my husband holding a little flashlight next to me cheering me on! lol
I got it done-put it together-turned on the breaker again and came in to turn on the light and ta-da there was light (oh the fan works again too) I was so excited-my hubby made all the kids come in and see the light switch and tell me I am a genius-lol!!  He snapped a few photos and then I called my dad to tell him what I did.
He was proud!  Thanks Dad for the advice and to the man at Lowes that had all the faith in me that I could do this-thanks to you too.
Last week it was the air conditioner and this week the light switch-maybe I need to venture out on a new career.
On this Pathway-


Barbie said...

You really are Superwoman! I wouldn't have even tried. I probably made my hubby come home from work!

Kristin said...

WOW! That's all I can say. I wouldn't have even thought to attempt that project myself. Good for you!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Love this....go girl!!!! That is how my oldest learn a lot of how to...just being beside me while I attacked something...installing ceiling fans, new lights,...etc. The tools in our house are mine!
Enjoy the fruit of your labor,
Hope everything is going better and you are having a nice summer.
Yea on Weatherford...our kids have always played ball there,