Monday, November 28, 2011

Please pray for my sister, Jackie

When we went home to visit her after her 6 week stay in the hospital from her aneurysm

Would you please keep my sister in your prayers?  It is a really long story but she had an aneurysm rupture two years ago and she shouldn't even still be here but God spared her life and she is a walking miracle.  The problem is it cause a multitude of other health issues the newest being a spot on her stomach and ovary.  They thought they might be scare tissue but when she went this week for another scan they have grown since her scan in July.  She is supposed to find out today when they want to get her in to do further tests.
My parents just got here 3 weeks ago to live for the winter and she is not married (in a relationship that we don't care for the man) and so she is there alone now.  My mom is struggling with it (we just found out last night) and won't know anything for a few days at least, but depending on what it is and what has to happen may change their plans about staying here too. I am not sure if it is cancer that she could make it threw treatments because of her health.
I know that this is all in His hands, His ways are higher than ours and His plans are the best for our lives, my head understands this-it is my heart that struggles with this sometimes.  Ever since my sister was little she has had a multitude of things happen in her life that have been usual and difficult dealing with health.  She is a wonderful women of God and it breaks my heart that her life has always been this way.  She is my only sibling and I can't imagine my life without her.
I would just appreciate your prayers, her name is Jackie and she will turn 45 on December 1st.
Thank you-I love and appreciate you all

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Gretta said...

Praying for your sister and your entire family as you walk this road with her no matter what the tests reveal. Keep trusting in the Lord no matter what knowing that His plan is always perfect and all for His glory!

Janet said...

I have your sister and your family in my prayers!

Janet Cowan

Maryann said...

Praying for your sister

BARBIE said...

Praying for your sister, and for you my friend!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh sweet friend...I'm praying MUCH for your precious sister...parents...and your entire family.

Praying that God's peace...comforts you during this time.


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I have thought about you all I will be praying for your sister.