Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prayers for my kiddos

On a happy note-Analeigh's antibiotic seems to be working-still coughing but she no longer has fever, is sleeping and eating well again and for that we are doing a big happy dance.
On a side note though, Alyssa caught whatever Analeigh had and had been fighting it all week and last night started complaining her left ear hurt.  Our history is not good with ear infections with her-she has had 3 sets of tubes and last year had a sinus infection that ruptured both of her ear drums.  Well, last night about ten after trying the Dr on call and going to the minor ER-closed at 8-so we didn't get in, her left ear drum ruptured and has drained all night and we can't get in to the Dr. until 3:45 today.  We didn't sleep all night and on she is crashed and I have to wake her soon to get ready to go to the Dr.-not happy nor fun.
Please pray she can get some relief to sleep tonight and get better quickly-I really would like to not deal with this anymore.
Also, we go to Children's tomorrow for Brandon's appointment on the new cysts that have grown back in his hip.  He says it doesn't hurt but Mike and I think it looks like he might be limping a little again-I would be lying if I said I was worried or scared about tomorrow appointment.  I am trying to give it over and let God truly have it, to be in control, it is just hard when it is one of my babies to release that and know whatever the outcome is that He is still God, still sits on the throne, still loves us and is in control of what happens.   My heart knows it my head has a hard time letting it go, all the "what if's."
I need sleep-it takes 3.5 hours to drive there and 3.5 back home-our Children's Choir sings in church tomorrow night and so I have to be back in time for that and I haven't slept great in a week, but really not great last night-we were up all night with her ear in pain.  I am weary and worn out and ready for spring to be here so hopefully we can kick this icky bug from out home for good. When I haven't slept this trip is a mighty long drive.
Please pray whatever I hear from the Dr.'s mouth tomorrow I would be ok with and remember God is in control-He knows what my tomorrow will bring-I am praying for healing of course-but I am thinking it is still there.  Just pray it would at least have not grown or no new cysts.  Our options at this point are very limited and my baby boy is weary too.
Thank you so much-I appreciate so that I can come to some of you whom I have never even met and ask you to lift my sweet babies up in prayer before the throne of our Heavenly Father.
I will keep you posted.
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Gretta said...

Praying for all your sweet babies and yes, God knows tomorrow & no matter what comes out of the Dr. mouth, God is going to see you through it. It is hard though to completely give it over to the Lord and trust completely when it comes to our children. I struggle with that too! Keep us updated on all of this and know I will be covering your family in prayers and lifting all of you up daily.

Caroline said...

Praying for everyone so much.

Trisha said...

So much going on, Jill! I am praying for you. Thank you so much for sharing these concerns so the body of Christ can lift all of you up in prayer. May God bless you with His peace that passes all understanding. May you remember that He is working this all together for good, and may He increase your faith, my friend. He loves those sweet babies even more than you do, and we often forget that when we're walking through a trial. May your precious children see you full of faith and trust in the LORD. Many hugs sent your way!

cooperkelly4 said...

praying here too. All 4 of our kids have been down and out with the same thing sounds like your kids have. They have ear pain the right ear (two oldest) and fevers for the 3 youngest: 101.9, 101.5, and yikes 102.9!! Finally we are mending and they are starting to get appetites back a little but the cough is crazy! The oldest two have strep. =( Anyhooo, when I'm praying for them to heal, I'll be praying for your kiddos too and Brandon's appt. as well as peace for your Momma's heart too.