Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HELP! I need a new name-a.s.a.p.

Ok, I have started this company making lotion bars and I am doing a show on the 16th of October and I need a new name for it-it was Lotion Bars by Jill-not very catchy or exciting.  This has started to take off and I am needing to set down and get more bars made and so I want these new bars that I am going to be showing and hopefully selling more of in the next few weeks to have a great, catchy, yet fun, and descriptive name. I am fresh out of ideas and if you heard what my family is coming up with you would know why I need help a.s.a.p.!
If I choose your name I will send you a supply of lotion bars for free-they are really good I promise.  100% natural-beeswax-shea butter-coconut oil and a little lavender for scent.
Try 'em you'll like 'em I promise.


Queen Diva said...

I'd say that since you make so many more things than lotion bars, go on and come up with a "company" name, and then on your tags/labels you can put the individual items.

The "company" names I thought of were: Jellybean Jill's, Jitterbugs, or Jill's Frills. Then, under that, you could put: Handcrafted items for your body and home. Then, after that, you could put Lotion Bars, or Coasters, or Washer Necklace and the price or instructions for use or something like that. :) Good luck, friend! I'd love to hear what the kids' ideas were! :)

Grace Wheeler said...

I love naming things...whether its kids or businesses :)

Okay, here are some ideas, maybe it'll spark something original...

Sweet Spot Soap Shoppe
Sweet Scent Soaps
Jill's Beauty Bars
Lavender Lathers
Sweet Somethings

Maybe that will help?

I'm so excited about your show Jill! Let us know how it goes!

Gretta said...

Those sound fantastic and from the other comments I gather you make other crafts as well. I agree you need a company name so here are my suggestions:

Handmade Happiness
Simply Handmade
Handmade with Love
Naturally Gifted (since you are using natural products and most would make great gifts)

If you are ever interested in doing a product review or giveaway, let me know & I will feature you on my blog. Best of luck with your new business venture and we will be praying for God to bless it richly.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh have fun with this....blessings on your new venture!!!

Sabbie Bee said...

Soft Shapes
Heavenly Smells
Shapely Smells

Dogmom Diva said...

Jill, I would also be willing to review and/or giveaway!

A new name..thinking, thinking

Heaven Scent


cooperkelly4 said...

First, I love the lotion bars! I agree you are so creative and having a more general name would leave the possibilities open. I love the "Simply Handmade" name. =0) I know that is not my idea, but I like it. =0) maybe for just the bars, since you created them for your family needs....may be something like

With LOVE In Mind ~Hand made gifts from the heart.
( ie I know that you are motivated by love for your family to use the creative gifts that God has given you and to search it out and make a pure product.)

I know you'll find just the right name. =0) Praying for your endeavor.