Saturday, July 3, 2010

Waiting for Nana and Papa

Well, I cleaned everything I think that I can clean before mom and dad get here today.  I am worn out-because it is hard to clean with 6 people in the house and 4 of them being children that want to drag things out to play with fast if not faster than I am cleaning.
Maybe it will at least stay semi-clean until they get here so at least they can see the house semi-clean before the kids can't stand it any longer and bring out everything they own and have gotten in the last two years since mom and dad where here.
Once a year-in the summer mom and dad come to our house for about a month since we only get to see them once a year-with the kids in school and mom and dad still working it is the only way our schedules will allow for us to see each other at this point in life being so far away.  
Last summer we actually made the trip (4 days in the car with 4 kids) to NY since my sister had an aneurysm rupture in her stomach and she almost died-should not be here but she is a walking miracle.  Since she is not married and has no family other than my parents there they stayed home last summer and we made the trip up there for a week and a half to see them.
So they are doing the trip here this summer and we are all sitting around waiting for them to arrive.  We are beyond excited. The kids are about to go crazy on me I think.  It feels like time has stood still.
I will post photos of their arrival later.
Here is a picture from our visit there last year-the kids seem so little to me here-Analeigh was just walking and barely talking-they will be so surprised when they see her the most today, she is a little girl now, no longer a baby at all-but all the kiddos have grown a couple of inches-you don't notice it on a daily basis but when I look at this picture I am even amazed at how they have grown-I know mom will cry when she sees them-we are so much alike in that way-we both cry at the drop of a hat.  I will go for now-so glad that it quit raining here and hopefully they haven't had to drive in it all day.  Three days on the road-ready for them to be here.
Oh happy day-we are ready for our Nana and Papa time.
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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Have a blast!!! What a wonderful blessings...enjoy!!!!

JillAileenJones said...

Thanks dear friend. They arrived safely and we went to eat at Famous Dave's. We got back and started unloading all their stuff while I bathed the kiddos and got clothes pressed for church tomorrow. Pray for me tomorrow-I am singing at a friend's church and I haven't sang in awhile so I am a little nervous this time-I am not usually nervous but I am praying it goes well.
I will holler at you-I want to bring mom up that way to shop around so maybe we could finally meet.
Hope you have a blessed 4th.
PS I would love to have anything you don't want if you want to send any homeschooling stuff my way and let me know what you want for it and I will send you the postage as well. I appreciate any advice-thank you so much for responding and letting me know what you thought.
Love ya

cooperkelly4 said...

how fun for you all. and for a month! that is such a great time for the kids to enjoy their grandparents. =0)Kelly

Barbie said...

Have a wonderful time with your parents. Glad to hear they arrived safely. Your kids must be so excited. Oh, and I am so thankful your sister is recovered and well! Blessings!

Barbie said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. Blogger is being a pain!
So thankful you get to spend this time with your parents. I am glad to hear they arrived safely. Your kids must be so excited. Blessings!

Janet said...

Being a Nana and not getting to see my Georgia grandkids very often I know you will have a joyful time with your family. Each moment is precious. Have a wonderful visit.


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Jill, have a wonderful time with your mom and dad, it must be hard to be so far from them..but that is how it is, I guess..our son and daughter in love live 8 hours away and when they have babies I will feel far away even though not that far..they are thinking about moving out of state though, maybe Texas, so that will be tough.
Many blessings and hope your singing went well..