Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please Pray Rex

I have been gone from here for quite a few weeks and I have missed you all.  We have had so much going on with Brandon's surgery and Alyssa being diagnosed with a certain type of dermatitis (not life threatening but trying to get it under control has been not fun) and just all that summer does to change our schedule-all full of blessings just different from our normal routine.
All that being sad I have so many thanks and praises from Brandon's surgery-it was two weeks ago today and he is up and walking, the rash that he broke out in from the tape on his bandages is finally gone and he is doing really well.  They removed the rods and screws.  They was a small piece of cyst in the top of his hip that they would have had to break bone to reach so they injected it with steroids to hopefully just finish killing it off if there was any activity left in it and thunen they packed his bone with marrow where the rods were to try and grow new bone.  Please keep him in your prayers-that the bone would grow healthy and strong and that no new cysts would come back.  Thank you.

The real reason I am here though today is to ask that you would please pray for Rex and his family.  He is the little boy that 20 months ago was told he had a brain tumor and would need surgery and chemo and radiation to try and heal him.  I ask for pray on here for him at that time.  He has been doing well until about 6 months ago they found something on a scan that they weren't sure if it was another tumor or scar tissue.  They have been watching it to see if there was growth before doing anything again to his brain.  Yesterday the family went for a scan and today his father posted this message-Please lift this family up in prayer-I know God is in contol, but very heart is very heavy for them today.

Family and friends, the news we received late yesterday from Rex's MRI on Monday was not good. The tumor is growing and spreading toward his brain stem, which makes operating on it unlikely. Rex will be starting on another clinical chemotherapy trial in the next couple of weeks that will run a 3-month course. At the end of that 3 months we'll re-scan and see if the tumors have shrunk. If not, we'll seek out other options, but those are quite limited as well.

Rex doesn't know anything other than he is starting the trial in a couple of weeks, and he is fine with that. That's the way we would prefer to keep it until we (Jill and I) choose to tell him. The bottom line is that we might not have much more time with our son whom we love so much.

He will celebrate his 10th birthday on October 17, and without a miracle it will be his last here on earth. We have prayed since November 2010 that Rex would be healed, knowing all the while that it might not be here on earth that he's healed but in heaven.

Please keep our family in your prayers as you all have done since this journey began 20 months ago. Pray for Rex as he begins his journey towards his eternal life that it would be graceful and full of peace and love. Thank you all.

Thank you all for praying!


cooperkelly4 said...

Oh Jill! Praying praying!!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Praying my dear....praying for a miracle. God knows....and our hope and trust is in him.

Praying for your family as well. Praying God's peace and joy floods your soul!

Kristin said...

We will certainly keep Rex in our prayers, and we continue to pray for Brandon as he heals.

BARBIE said...

Definately keeping Rex in my prayers. Asking God for a miracle. Praying for you and your family as well.